Ground Staff Eligibility Criteria

A large amount of aircraft and airports in India are increasing day by day. India is facing a shortage of well-experienced ground staff. There is a high demand for the ground staff who may deal and functioning at the airport.

ground staff course is a certification course of 6-12 months duration. This is a job oriented course. This course deals with the safety and comfort of passengers at the airport that includes checking, providing information, help disabled passengers, and selling tickets. The candidates, who wish to pursue this course, must be sure that they are well versed with all the complete eligibility criteria. One will not be able to study the course if he/ she are not eligible enough.

The eligibility criteria to pursue the Ground Staff Course must be satisfied to secure their seat in one of the top institutes in India. The eligibility criteria are as follows:-

  • The applicant must be appearing or passed qualified 10+2 with any from any recognized board/university.
  • Candidates, who are looking forward to getting admission in one of the topmost institutes of Ground staff in India, can qualify for the National level Entrance Test of AME CET.

Extra Skills required to join Ground Staff

The ground staff is responsible for the check-in counters that serve departing passengers. They also need to help passengers by answering questions, providing directions, or attending to their other needs. This includes helping passengers with inquiries about delayed or lost baggage. Thus, the candidates must possess some extra skills along with the mandatory educational qualifications. The extra skills that are to be possessed by the candidates can be found below:

  • The candidates must have great communication skills.
  • One should be responsible enough.
  • The applicant must have great leadership skills as he/ she will have to lead a team.
  • Love to work as a ground staff, you will work as a team to serve the great services of your passenger and allow for long-lasting impact.

Why should the candidate join the Ground Staff course?

The Ground Staff is a reputed course. After the candidate has pursued this course, he/ she will be able to work for really good companies along with a great salary package. The applicants will be able to avail many other benefits if they join the Ground Staff Course. However, one can find the other benefits below:-

  • The candidate will be able to get a job in great companies like Air India, Vistara, spicejet, etc.
  • The fields, in which one can secure job, are airlines, Airports, Travel Agencies, etc.
  • The Ground Staff is a highly respectable course. Therefore, the candidates who pursue this course will not only get a great job but also huge respect.

The Path Forward

The ground staff course is not just a stepping stone into the aviation industry; it's a launchpad for a fulfilling career. The comprehensive training, coupled with the development of essential soft skills, prepares candidates for the dynamic and challenging environment of air travel. As the aviation sector continues to grow, the demand for skilled ground staff will only increase, making this an opportune time to pursue a career in this field.

In conclusion, the role of ground staff in the aviation industry cannot be overstated. Their contribution to the safety, efficiency, and passenger satisfaction is immense. With the right qualifications, skills, and attitude, aspiring ground staff can look forward to exciting and rewarding career prospects in one of the most dynamic sectors of the economy. As India's aviation sector soars to new heights, the opportunities for skilled ground staff are boundless, offering a promising career path for those ready to take on the challenge.


Typically, candidates must have completed their 10+2 with any stream but preference is often given to those with a background in hospitality, tourism, or aviation.

Yes, candidates are usually required to be between 18 and 27 years old. However, this can vary by airline and specific job role.

While not mandatory, certifications in aviation management, customer service, or related fields can enhance your candidacy.

Yes, proficiency in English (both spoken and written) is essential. Knowledge of additional languages is a plus due to the international nature of the aviation industry.

Candidates must meet certain physical standards, including height and weight proportional to it, and have a pleasing personality. Eyesight requirements vary by role.

Entry-level positions may not require experience, but for supervisory or managerial roles, relevant experience in aviation or customer service is preferred.

Newly hired ground staff typically undergo training provided by the airline, covering customer service, security, and operational procedures.

Yes, candidates with a diploma in aviation, hospitality, or tourism management are eligible for ground staff positions.

Certain medical conditions that severely impair mobility, communication, or cognitive abilities may be disqualifying. Each airline has specific medical criteria.

Yes, airlines perform thorough background checks, including criminal record checks, previous employment verification, and sometimes drug tests.

Degrees or diplomas in aviation management, hospitality, or tourism are highly regarded and can be beneficial for career advancement.

Essential skills include excellent communication, customer service orientation, problem-solving abilities, and the capacity to work under pressure.

While most ground staff positions are location-based, opportunities for overseas training, assignments, or promotions exist, especially with international airlines.

Yes, with experience and further qualifications, ground staff can move into supervisory roles, customer service management, or other higher positions within the airline.

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