AME License (EASA)

AME License (EASA) course is related to the maintenance and repair of aircraft. The candidate requires a lot of passion and skills to do the AME EASA Course. EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency that deals with the rules and regulation of civil aviation. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer allows to repairs, maintain, the solve problem, conduct inspections, and make upgrades to aircraft. No aircraft can take off without approval from a licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer has to ensure the airworthy condition of an aircraft. AME has excellent career opportunities ahead as aircraft passengers are rising very frequently. This is the phenomenon time for the student who desires to make their careers in aviation.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Eligibility

It is the unique engineering program for the student who desires to build their career in the aviation sector.

The candidates who desire to be an AME have to fulfill following eligibility:-

  • Candidate must have either passed 10+2 or appearing in 2021 with PCM stream or 3 years engineering diploma in any stream or equivalent from any recognized University/Board at the time of admission in Institutes.
  • Candidate age must be between 16 to 28 years at the time of admission.
  • The number of attempts which a candidate can avail at AME CET shall be limited to 03 (three).

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Duration

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course duration is of 4 years, which includes 2 years academic program and 2 years of practical training. The theoretical knowledge will be gathered at EASA approved AME institute and live training will be held in EASA approved organization. After completion of 2 years academic program, the candidate has to undergo practical training for 2 years where a stipend will be provided to the candidates. After clearing the modules and practical training, EASA will issue a license to the candidates. The licensed AME can work in the private or government sector in India and Abroad.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Fee Structure

In 4 year AME course candidates have to complete 2 years academic program. During this 2 years academic program candidate has to pay academic fees at AME institute, which is approx. 2 to 5 Lakhs per semester as a total course fee. The AME Course fees depend on the AME institute, which the candidate will choose in AME CET admission counseling. The candidate has to pay fee semester wise. The candidate will get a scholarship from the state government also. It depends on the category and other factors too.

After completing this academic program, the candidate has to go 2 years training program. At that time, candidates don’t have to pay any fees inspire of that candidate will get the stipend. The hostel fee is not included in this. According to the facility, the hostel fee will be applicable. It will be approximately INR 40,000- 80,000/- per semester.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Stream

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course stream classified in the following categories:-

A License:- A license category is further classified in the following categories which are as follows:-

  • A1 License:- A1 license allows maintenance, repair, and solve the simple defects of an aeroplane with the jet engine.
  • A2 License:- A2 license allows maintenance, repair, and troubleshoot of the simple defects of an aeroplane with the piston engine.
  • A3 License:- A3 license certifies the maintenance, repair, and solve the simple defects of a helicopter with the jet engine.
  • A4 License:- A4 license certify the maintenance, rectify, and troubleshoot the simple defects of a helicopter with the piston engine.

B1 License:- B1 licensed AME has to rectify and solve the issues regarding the mechanical parts of an aircraft.

The subcategories of B1 license is as follows:-

  • B1.1 License:- B1.1 licensed AME has to certify the mechanical parts of an aeroplane with the jet engine. The mechanical parts can be engine, fuselage, landing gear, etc.
  • B1.2 License:- B1.2 licensed AME has to maintain, repair, and solve the issues of an aeroplane with the piston engine.
  • B1.3 License:- B1.3 license holder has to maintain, repair, and troubleshoot the issue of helicopter with the jet engine.
  • B1.4 License:- B1.4 license holder has to maintain, repair, and solve the problems occurs in a helicopter with the piston engine.

B2 license:- B2 license commonly known as “avionics”. This license holder allows to maintain, repair, and troubleshooting the issues related to the electronic parts of an aircraft.

The subcategories of B2 license is as follows:-

  • Electrical system
  • Radio and Navigation system
  • Instrumental system

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Course Syllabus

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering course syllabus may vary from stream to stream. There are a total of 17 modules which students can to clear to get the license. Number of modules will completely depend upon the stream candidate choose at the time of admission counselling. For AME EASA programme module 1 and module 2 is applicable. Module 1 and 2 is of mathematics and physics respectively.

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Career Opportunities

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering AME career opportunities in the aviation sector are very high . It is the dream time for the students who desire to build their career in aviation sector. India is developing in aviation sector so fast that India has become third-largest aviation market in the world and has potential to be at number one.

Many airlines have ordered new aircraft which can reflect the rising growth in aviation sector. Apart from this Boeing and Airbus are setting up their MRO in India which builds thousands of jobs for Aircraft Maintenance Engineering.

The student can build their career in the following fields:-

  • Airlines
  • MRO Organizations
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Organization
  • Civil Defense Forces
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Organization
  • DGCA
  • EASA
  • Aviation Training Centres
  • Flying Clubs

The places wherever aircrafts are being used

How to get AME EASA License?

To get AME EASA license, candidate can undergo the following procedure which are as follows:-

  • Candidate has to fulfil the eligibility criteria to get admission for AME EASA course.
  • Candidate should fill up the AME CET 2022 registration form to get admission in EASA approved AME Institutes and up to 100% scholarship on tuition fees.
  • After admission, student has to clear the institute’s exam, modules, and training in live environment to get the license. The training in this should be from EASA approved organisations.

What is the worth of the AME EASA License?

The AME EASA license is worthy as the EASA is the European Aviation Safety Agency so the standard of studies on campus will be as per the EASA which is beneficial for the career of the student to get AME EASA license.

The training of EASA will be held at the EASA approved organisation which comprises of great worth in itself. It is more comfortable for the students to build their career abroad as the training will be from EASA approved organisation. EASA approved organisation will be provide them the training as per their standard.

A part from the career the salary package for the student who have EASA license will be high. This is the dream job for the students to earn a great salary with reputation and dignity foreign country.

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