AME CET 2021 Scholarship Event

Udai Aviation Pvt. Ltd (UAPL) conducts a groundbreaking scholarship event, rewarding high achievers who excelled in their aviation entrance exam. The scholarship distribution was meticulously designed, allocating funds based on candidates' ranks. This initiative not only recognizes academic prowess but also fosters a competitive spirit, motivating aspiring aviation professionals to strive for excellence. AME CET's commitment to supporting education and talent within the aviation industry is evident through such impactful initiatives, ensuring that deserving individuals are provided the resources they need to pursue their dreams and contribute to the dynamic field of aviation.

On 22nd July 2023, UAPL conducted a scholarship event in New Delhi for AME CET 2021 participants. The scholarship was provided to the students on the behalf of All India Rank(AIR) of the participants. Up to 8,000 students participated in the AME CET 2021 scholarship event. In 2021, AME CET provides up to 100% scholarship to all the participants who cleared their AME CET entrance exam.

In the event, students come from different colleges/institutes/universities to collect their scholarship amount cheque. In the scholarship event there was a proper arrangement of breakfast and lunch to all the students, guests and all members present in the venue hall.

Approx. 200 students participate in AME CET 2021 scholarship event.

Ranks Maximum Students Scholarships on Tuition Fees Maximum Scholarship in INR
Topper of Central Board/State Board 10 100% 2 Lakhs
AME CET 2021 Rank 1 to 5 5 100% 2 Lakhs
AME CET 2021 Rank 6 to 15 10 75% 1.5 Lakhs
AME CET 2021 Rank 16 to 50 35 50% 1 Lakhs
AME CET 2021 Rank 51 to 200 150 25% 50k
AME CET 2021 Rank 201 to 1000 800 20% 40K
AME CET 2021 Rank 1001 to 5000 4000 15% 30K
AME CET 2021 Qualified All 10% 20K

Note:- Scholarship will be applicable on tuition fees for 1st semester fees only.

AME CET 2021 Topper

Here we introduce our top 3 toppers of 2021 with their ranks and scholarship amount. Name Scholarship Institute
1 Ivyan INR 25,000 JRN College
2 Dinesh Kumar INR 25,000 IIA Delhi
3 Venkata kumuda INR 23,000 SOA Neemrana

Note:- Scholarship will be applicable on tuition fees for 1st semester fees only.

Scholarship Event Honored Guest
  1. Mr. S.K Chauhan (Director of Alpine Institute, Dehradun)
  2. Mrs Radhika Bhandari(Director of WIIA)
  3. Mr. Kapil Bhatiya (CEO of PM Campus)
  4. Dr. Vijay Pal (Chairman of PM Campus)
  5. Mr Prashant (From PM Campus)
  6. Mr. Jagdesh Prasad
  7. Mr. Chote Lal
  8. Mrs. Meenakshi
Important Information
  • Students must carry a seat allotment letter of their college.
  • Students carry their personal Id proof like Adhar card, PAN Card, etc.
  • In case of parents coming then a seat allotment letter is compulsory.
Process at Venue

When a participant reaches the venue then firstly a proper measurement of temperature was taken by our volunteers. After that through the allotment letter or any other proof students get an AME CET ID Card. Through this ID Card students reached the School Auditorium where the event was conducted.

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Scholarship Event Media Coverage

News Folder was the media portal who covered the whole scholarship event. Mr. Om Veer Singh Maurya and Mrs.Kiran and their team was so cooperative with the amecet team. They interviewed our toppers, director and some guests of the AME CET 2021 Scholarship Event. They are very polite and make our day memorable.


AME CET is a national level common entrance test for pursuing aviation courses in PAN India. AME CET exam has been conducted every year since 2017. AME CET is the brand product of UAPL (Udai Aviation Private Limited) and the head office is in New Delhi. AME CET offered aviation courses like Engineering, Certificate, Licensed, Diploma and Graduation. There are certain processes to take admission in an Institute through AME CET. Firstly candidates fill the registration form of AME CET and after that a candidate is eligible to take the AME CET exam and through counseling, candidate chooses an aviation institute according to their interest.

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