Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) Course Duration

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a 3-year program with 6 semesters. This course deals in aircraft navigation systems, control systems, radars, radios, electrical and electronics systems, aircraft design, aerodynamics, physics, aircraft service, and maintenance. This course is approved by the All India Council For Technical Education (AICTE).

Course Subjects

Diploma in Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a 3-year diploma course and its syllabus divided into 6 topics. Following subjects will give the candidate an idea of study:-

  • Electronic Fundamentals:- Electronic Fundamental is the concept of electric current, energy, voltage, etc.
  • Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument System:- Digital Techniques Electronic Instrument System is a part of electronics that are involved into study of digital signals.
  • Maintenance Practices:- Maintenance Practices that include regular instruments, inspection, incomplete and complete overhauls, oil changes and lubrication, etc.
  • Basic Aerodynamics:- Basic Aerodynamics is the study of the dynamics of gases or the reaction of moving objects and atmosphere causing airflow all over the body.
  • Aviation Legislation:- Aviation Legislation is a branch of law concerns flight, Air travel. That is related to international law which is required due to nature or Air travel.
  • Aerodynamics, Structures, and System:- Aerodynamics, Structures, and System are related to how an aircraft can fly. Anything that is moving through the air reacts to Aerodynamics.

The above various subjects should be cleared by the candidate to get a degree in AME diploma. There are various top institutes, colleges, and universities in India that offer 70% of seats to AME CET examination qualified students during the admission counseling. AME CET also offers up to 100% scholarship to all entrance examination qualified students.

Job Opportunities after AME Diploma Course

Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a profitable career for those who are looking forward to making a career in the aviation industry. AME can be a rewarding career in multiple ways. The best thing about the AME diploma course is that anyone can apply after the 10th examination.

Work Profile

  • Aircraft Maintenance Engineer
  • Aircraft Technician
  • Aircraft Maintenance Avionics Engineer
  • Technical Services Engineer
  • Graduate Engineering
  • Trainee Hardware Design Engineer
  • Production Planning Engineer

AME can work in the following places:-

  • Airlines
  • Maintenance Repair and Overhauls (MRO) industries
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies
  • Aircraft Operation Organizations
  • Aviation Training Centers
  • And many moreā€¦


Diploma in AME is a 3-years engineering program that offers theoretical and practical knowledge about the maintenance, repair, testing, and solving of the issues in an aircraft. The theoretical knowledge will be gathered in the modern classroom and practical understanding in well-equipped labs.

The duration of this course is 3 years and it involves 6 semesters to complete it. Each semester comprises 6 months approved by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE).

There are many responsibilities of an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer. However, here, we are sharing some of the roles and responsibilities of the same:-

  • Testing all the equipment of aircraft.
  • Assemble the aircraft frames.
  • Ordering and supplying all the parts of aircraft as per requirement.
  • Installing electrical circuits.

Avionics covers both the aspects of mechanical as well as electrical systems of a aircraft, so you get better knowledge and exposure when you study avionics.

A candidate must have passed the 10+2 examination with PCM or a diploma in engineering. Candidates must also be medically fit as per guidelines issued by the colleges.

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