Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer is responsible for inspecting, maintaining, and repairing aircraft. They are trained to identify and address problems with a variety of aircraft systems, from engines to navigation systems. These professionals must have a strong understanding of technical manuals, as well as a working knowledge of aviation regulations and policies. As such, they are often required to hold specialized certifications. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are responsible for ensuring that aircraft are safe and airworthy.

Job Work & Pledge of an AME

Safety is a supremely important factor when it comes to aircraft. An Airplane is assembled from thousands of the latest technologies, engines, numerous parts, electronic and electrical systems, etc. with time and use, components manage to wear and tear down, therefore routine checks and supervision & maintenance of aircraft become very essential. Aircraft Maintenance Engineers (AME) are specially qualified to examine the Aircraft, analyze issues or any snap and report the snag/issues found, and rectify it.

The aircraft is trustworthy for an enormous digit of passengers. Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) is a position with high grace and commitment as it deals with the well-being and security of Aircraft and their passengers. The licensed AME is responsible for resolving any issues with the aircraft prior to takeoff.

An AME's lifestyle, Pay and employment options

Since they are the backbone of the aviation business and are required for every flight, AME needs qualified people with the necessary skills and knowledge. AME needs to be enthusiastic about his work. They undoubtedly earn excellent wages. It is wonderful to work. After graduating from AME, one can lead a lavish lifestyle.

The lifestyle of an AME can vary depending on the individual's job and personal circumstances. AMEs may work a standard 40-hour week, or they may work irregular hours, including evenings, weekends, and holidays, depending on the needs of their employer and the demands of their job. AMEs may also be required to work on-call or be available for emergency repairs.

Job opportunities for AMEs are generally good, as there is a constant demand for qualified professionals to maintain and repair aircraft. AMEs may be employed by airlines, aircraft manufacturers, aircraft maintenance companies, or other organizations that operate aircraft. Some AMEs may also be self-employed or work as contractors.

The pay for an AME can vary depending on a number of factors, such as the individual's level of education and experience, the location of their job, and the type of aircraft they work on. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median annual wage for aircraft and avionics equipment technicians was $64,090 (INR 52,72,918.23) in May 2020. The average monthly compensation for an AME is INR 7,23,719, according to payscale 2018 in India.

Employment options for an AME

  • National Career:- Airlines are businesses that offer air transportation for passengers. Before an aircraft takes to the air, a licensed aircraft maintenance engineer must assess and resolve any issues. An aircraft may take to the air following the issuance of the Flight Releasing Certificate (FRC).
  • Maintenance, Repair, and Overhauls (MRO) industries:- Companies that specialize in MRO are those whose primary goal is to maintain predetermined conditions and the parts that make up such conditions, such as jet engines, landing gears, etc. Certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineers are needed to maintain the actions.
  • Aircraft Manufacturing Companies:- Companies that manufacture aircraft, like Boeing, Airbus, Bombardier, etc., are known as aircraft manufacturing companies. in order to maintain and run electronics systems, jet and piston engines, etc. Engineers for aircraft maintenance are hired.
  • Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies:- There are several components that form an aircraft. Aircraft Part Manufacturing Companies have constructed in order to produce those parts. Aircraft maintenance engineers can evaluate certain components and assist in the development of improved versions. Organizations that oversee the operation of aircraft include EASA, ICAO, and others. Their group deals with the laws governing civil aviation's safety and security. Airplane Maintenance Engineer is the first word that comes to mind when considering flight safety.
  • Aviation Training Centres:- There are Aircraft Maintenance Engineers who inform other applicants of the field's purpose and capabilities.
  • Flying Clubs:- A flying club is a group that offers its members reasonably priced access to planes. These aircraft require maintenance, which is carried out by certified aircraft maintenance engineers.
  • Civil Defense Forces:- The military uses a wide variety of aircraft for national security purposes. A certified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer also maintains the defense.
  • Anywhere that aircraft are used, they must be serviced by a professional aircraft maintenance engineer.

Aircraft maintenance engineers' potential careers

The aviation industry offers good career opportunities for AME to advance their careers. The following information affects the range of an AME career:

The UDAN program is helping the AME career flourish. The main objective of the UDAN Scheme is to "let common people fly" by lowering airfare. The number of domestic travelers has dramatically increased, which has boosted AME career opportunities.

The need for new aircraft is caused by the approximately 25% growth rate of air travelers. Numerous airline firms placed orders for 1080 aircraft, creating employment prospects for AME.

The world already has a problem finding skilled AMEs. In the approaching years, there will be a necessity for 7,54,000 licensed AME globally. Since the license is recognized both in India and abroad, an AME from any institute may work in either the private or public sector both in India and abroad. India became the finest market to invest in due to the country's tremendous growth in the aviation industry. The entry of airlines like Qatar Airways, WOW Airlines, and others into the Indian aviation market has increased the demand for AMEs.It will create thousands of jobs for AME once Boeing and Airbus expand their MRO Organizations in various Indian states.

India is going to become the third-largest aviation market, which is a significant achievement for the country. India is full of diligent and enthusiastic people who can make India proud. As the aviation industry broadens, so do the career paths for AME.

The introduction of civil aircraft production in India has increased the demand for aircraft engineers.

Airfares cheaper than auto-rickshaw rides: Mr. Jayant Sinha, the minister of civil aviation, had quite an outstanding profession as an AME. Fewer individuals will be able to use aircraft as transportation when aircraft fares decline.

What are the qualifications to qualify as an AME?

The qualifications to qualify as an AME are as follows:-

AME License:- An applicant needs to hold an AME license to operate as an aircraft maintenance engineer. It is a requirement to submit an application for employment as an AME in the aviation industry. The license is given out by the Indian government's DGCA. The ability to operate in both the private and public sectors in both India and overseas makes the AME license highly desirable.

The following additional abilities are beneficial for becoming an AME:

  • Mathematical Ability:- The capacity to answer problems quickly is developed in the applicant through math. Applicants can quickly answer the issue in airplanes if he or she has strong mathematics skills.
  • Ability to work as part of a team:- An applicant is at ease working in a team since AMEs handle the aircraft together.
  • Accountability:-The safety and security of aeroplanes are under the control of AME.
  • Ability to work odd hours:- Both in pleasant and unpleasant circumstances, AME is absolutely essential. An AME is capable of working in any situation.
  • Communication skill:- AME ought to be an effective communicator. He needs to be proficient in English.
  • Confidence:- AME can present himself properly and confidently. The AME should have a positive attitude toward his work.

How can one obtain an AME license?

The following steps are required to get AME license is as follows:-

  • >Completion of course (COC):- upon the completion of a two-year academic program at an AME institution. The COC goes to the candidate. DGCA has given its approval to AME institutions in India. The DGCA is an organization in India that reports to the Ministry of Civil Aviation.
  • Modules:- The Indian government's DGCA conducts the modules. According to DGCA, there are a total of 17 modules, although applicants must pass each module in line with the stream they have selected. Candidates must successfully complete the modules.
  • Experience:- The entire program lasts four years. The first two years will be spent in an academic program, while the latter two years will be spent receiving flight instruction. When seeking an AME license, the training-related knowledge will be taken into consideration as experience.
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