Commercial Pilot License (CPL) Fees

Commercial Pilot License (CPL) holder is an authorized pilot in commercial aircraft, that is well trained enough to act as the pilot in command. The job of a commercial pilot covers various roles in aviation like flying an aircraft, crop dusters, fixed schedule flights, rescue operations. Not only this, but they can also fly charter flights in case of an emergency.

Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is neither a diploma nor a degree, it's a licensed program for pilots. An aspiring candidate can obtain Flying training from any institute recognized by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) to pursue this course. Students must complete 200 flying hours from the flying school in the commercial pilot license course to become a pilot But first, the eligibility criteria required for the Commercial Pilot License (CPL) is that a candidate must appear or pass 10+2 with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics (PCM) or equivalent should be fulfilled to get admission in flying schools.

The Commercial Pilot License cost may vary from institute to institute as per the curriculum, there are many flight schools or clubs in India and abroad as well that offer commercial pilot licenses. The commercial pilot license fees include various expenses and to know more about the commercial pilot license course fees by browsing through the diverse section.

Commercial Pilot License Cost

After successfully clearing the national level entrance exam of AME CET 2024, the candidate will be able to get admission in the premium institutes of Commercial Pilot License (CPL) course and up to 100% scholarship based upon the all india rank (AIR). Pilot course fees may vary from institute to Institute and generally cost is high for NRI students. The fees of the course are also based on the college infrastructure, faculty, and other facilities. Students can also apply for educational loans from the bank for studying and can pay the fees in EMIs in some institutes.

The commercial pilot license cost includes various charges and the maximum cost for commercial pilot training goes in the cost of flying.The average fee for a CPL aviation course ranges from 20 Lakhs to 50 Lakhs depending on institutes.

The Commercial Private License (CPL) Course Fees Structure includes the following:-

  • Admission Fee
  • Tuition Fee
  • Book & Library Fees
  • Uniform Fees
  • Flying Charges
  • Flight Simulator Charges
  • RT Exam & License Fee
  • CPL Issue
  • Medical certificates renewal fees
  • Caution Fee

CPL Course Hostel Fees

The hostels are an important part of the college experience. The hostel/Accommodation Fees depends upon the facility provided to the candidate. Furthermore, it is not mandatory for one to take a hostel depending upon the requirement. Every institute has a different hostel fee structure including caution fee, but it can be approx INR 25,000-40,000/-.

Facilities which are provided in hostels of CPL Institutes are as follows:-

  • EElectrical accessories i.e. geysers, fans, light, and air-conditioner
  • Refrigerator, R-O, and basic kitchenware
  • Wi-Fi facilities
  • Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner
  • Fully furnished accommodation with attached washrooms
  • Bed, study table, chair, wardrobe
  • Regular cleaning of rooms, washrooms


The starting cost of the commercial pilot license (CPL) is 20 lakhs approximately and the maximum is 50 lakhs. The cost is also different college/institute/university to college/institute/university.

No, if your eyesight is weak then you are not eligible for the pilot. But you can wear normal glasses while you are flying flight. The FAA recommends that all pilots who require prescription eyeglasses or contact lenses for 20/20 vision always carry an extra set of glasses or contacts with them as a backup when they fly.

Directorate General Of Civil Aviation (DGCA) is the government regulatory body in India that provides the commercial pilot license to the aspirants. DGCA conducts examinations for the pilots. They conduct exams 4 times a year for all types of licenses.

The average cost of obtaining a commercial pilot license (CPL) can range between $70,000 to $100,000, depending on the country and the specific flight school's program structure and included components.

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The geographical location of the flight school can significantly impact CPL fees due to differences in operational costs, airspace availability, and local regulations.

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Beyond basic training fees, additional costs for CPL include medical examinations, examination fees, additional flight hours, equipment, and potentially accommodation and living expenses.

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Yes, many flight training organizations offer scholarships, financial aid, and loan options to help students manage the cost of CPL training.

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The choice of training aircraft impacts CPL fees, with newer, more advanced aircraft typically costing more per hour than older, basic models.

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Yes, pursuing additional ratings or certifications beyond the CPL, such as an Instrument Rating or Multi-Engine Rating, will increase the overall training cost.

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The number of flight hours required significantly impacts the cost of cpl training, as fees are often calculated based on flight time.

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Yes, enrolling during off-peak periods or taking advantage of special promotions can potentially reduce cpl training costs.

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Effective financial planning for cpl training includes budgeting for additional costs, exploring all funding options, and possibly training part-time.

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Choosing a cost-effective flight school involves comparing not just the fees but also the quality of training, aircraft availability, and potential financial aid options.

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Yes, integrated CPL programs are often more expensive upfront but offer a faster, more structured path, while modular training can be more flexible and potentially less costly.

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