BBA in Aviation Colleges in Kerala

Kerala holds a good number of colleges that offer the course of BBA in Aviation. One should make a note that all the colleges have been approved by the University Grants Commission (UGC). The candidates, who are aspiring to pursue BBA in Aviation course in Kerala from the topmost colleges should take ame CET. After the applicant qualifies the examination, he/ she will be able to get admission to one of the best institutes in terms of placement, facilities, faculty, etc.

Top BBA Aviation colleges in kerala

There are various top BBA Aviation Colleges in Kerala that are approved by UGC. The institutes in Kerala offer the candidates the best infrastructure, great faculty, placements at great firms, etc.

BBA Aviation Course in Kerala

The course of BBA in Aviation is an undergraduate degree, after the completion of which, the candidates will be able to bag great jobs along with a handsome salary package. This course deals with communication, cost and management accounting, etc.

BBA Aviation Course in Kollam Duration

The duration of the course of BBA in Aviation is 3 years, including 6 semesters of 6 months each. The candidate who is aspiring to study this course from a reputed institute should take AME CET. Furthermore, this course will cover various topics like, financial accounting, airport operations, passenger forecasting, etc.

BBA Aviation Course in Kannur

The candidates, who are looking forward to pursuing the course of BBA in Aviation must know that this course requires a certain criteria of eligibility. One can find the eligibility criteria below:

  • The candidate aspiring to study BBA in Aviation from one of the best BBA aviation colleges in Kerala should take AME CET.
  • One must have completed his/ her 12th with an aggregate of 50% from a recognized board.

BBA in Aviation Course Subjects

The candidates looking forward to pursuing the course of BBA in Aviation must be aware of all the subjects that are included in the course. The subjects which are covered in the course are:-

  • Management and Leadership
  • Introduction to Aviation Industry
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Accounting
  • Business Computing
  • Business Communication
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principles of Management
  • Airport Functions of airlines
  • Financial Management
  • Research Methodology and Report Writing
  • Cargo Handling
  • Human Resource Management

BBA Aviation Course Fees in Kerala

The fee criteria of BBA in Aviation varies from institute to institute. However, the factors, that are included in the fees of the course are placement, infrastructure, faculty, etc. The candidates must note that the facility of education loan is also available. Furthermore, if the applicants qualify the exam of AME CET, then they can take the benefit of up to 100% scholarship.

The tentative amount of the fees of BBA Aviation Course in Kerala is 1 lakh to 4 lakh for the whole program in India.

How to get admission to BBA Aviation Colleges in Kerala?

The candidates, who aspire to study the course of BBA in Aviation from one of the topmost institutes should take AME CET. However, in order to take the exam of AME CET, one must follow the following procedure:-

  • A Candidate has to visit the official website of AME CET 2024 and fill out the AME CET application form from there.
  • After the applicant qualifies for the exam, he/ she will be able to be admitted to one of the topmost institutes through AME CET Counselling.

Introduction to BBA Aviation Courses in Kerala

BBA Aviation courses are like a gateway to the fascinating world of aviation, and they're becoming increasingly significant in Kerala. Let's explore why these courses matter and why they're gaining popularity among students who aspire to build careers in the aviation industry.

Significance of BBA Aviation Programs

Imagine you're at the airport, ready to board a flight. Have you ever wondered about the people behind the scenes who ensure that your journey is safe, smooth, and enjoyable? BBA Aviation programs are all about preparing you for precisely these roles.

In these courses, you learn how airlines, airports, and the entire aviation ecosystem operate. You study how to manage flights, handle passengers, and oversee the various aspects of aviation. This knowledge is crucial because it helps keep everyone safe in the sky.

But it's not just about safety. Aviation is also a business. Airlines need to be efficient to stay competitive, and airports need to run smoothly. BBA Aviation programs teach you how to manage these aspects too.

Growing Demand for Aviation Management Education

Why are BBA Aviation programs becoming more popular in Kerala? Well, it's because the aviation industry in Kerala is taking off (pun intended!). More and more people are choosing to fly, and airports are buzzing with activity.

With this growth comes a need for skilled professionals who can make sure everything runs like clockwork. Airlines want people who can manage their operations efficiently, and airports need experts to handle various aspects, from ground operations to customer service.

That's where you come in. By pursuing a BBA Aviation program in Kerala, you can be part of this exciting industry. You'll be equipped with the knowledge and skills to take on key roles in aviation management, ensuring that people can travel safely and comfortably.

So, if you're passionate about aviation and dream of a career where the sky's the limit, BBA Aviation courses in Kerala might just be your ticket to success.

BBA Aviation Course Overview

Let's take a closer look at what BBA Aviation courses in Kerala have to offer. We'll explore the duration and structure of these programs, discover the exciting curriculum highlights, and understand why practical learning plays a vital role in your aviation journey.

Duration and Structure

BBA Aviation courses typically span over three years. That's like a thrilling journey through the world of aviation, divided into six semesters, with each semester lasting about six months. This structured approach ensures you gradually build your knowledge and skills.

During these years, you'll immerse yourself in the fascinating world of aviation management. You'll learn about airlines, airports, and how they operate. You'll understand the intricacies of aviation safety, passenger services, and much more. The course structure is designed to make you an expert in aviation management.

Curriculum Highlights

What's inside the BBA Aviation curriculum that makes it so exciting? Well, you'll explore a wide range of subjects that cover every aspect of aviation. You'll dive into core topics like airline operations, airport management, and aviation safety. But there's more – you'll also get to study business management, marketing, and finance, all tailored to the aviation industry.

You'll discover how airlines plan their flights, manage their finances, and ensure passenger satisfaction. You'll explore the world of airport terminals, air traffic control, and aviation regulations. It's like having a backstage pass to the aviation world.

Focus on Practical Learning

Now, here's the secret sauce of BBA Aviation courses – practical learning. You won't just be reading textbooks; you'll be getting your hands dirty (well, not literally) with real-world aviation scenarios. From airport simulations to case studies on airline management, you'll get a taste of what it's like to work in the aviation industry.

Practical learning helps you apply what you've learned in the classroom to real situations. It's like training to become a captain by actually flying planes in a simulator – except in your case, it might involve managing airport operations or planning airline schedules.

BBA Aviation courses in Kerala offer a well-structured journey through the aviation world. You'll study a diverse curriculum and gain practical experience, all of which will prepare you for an exciting career in aviation management. So, if you're ready to embark on this adventure, fasten your seatbelt, because the skies await!

BBA Aviation Courses in Different Cities of Kerala

Kerala, often called "God's Own Country," is not only known for its natural beauty but is also gaining recognition for its educational opportunities, including BBA Aviation courses. Let's explore some of the key cities in Kerala where you can find these courses and the institutions that offer them.

BBA Aviation Courses in Kollam

Kollam, a picturesque coastal city in Kerala, is making its mark in the aviation education landscape. Here's what you need to know:

  • Program Availability: BBA Aviation programs are available in Kollam, providing students in this region access to quality aviation education. These programs are tailored to equip students with the skills needed for a successful career in aviation management.
  • Notable Institutions: Kollam boasts institutions that are renowned for their aviation programs. These institutions have experienced faculty, modern infrastructure, and a strong focus on practical learning, making them excellent choices for aspiring aviation professionals.


In summary, BBA Aviation courses in Kerala are not only essential for meeting the growing demand for aviation professionals but also offer students a chance to thrive in a flourishing aviation ecosystem. The advantages of pursuing aviation management education in the state extend beyond the classroom, providing students with a holistic and enriching learning experience.

Advantages of Pursuing Aviation Management Education in the State

Choosing to pursue aviation management education in Kerala comes with several advantages:

Thriving Aviation Ecosystem

Kerala boasts a thriving aviation ecosystem with international airports, airlines, and aviation-related businesses. This environment provides students with a firsthand experience of the industry's operations.

Proximity to Career Opportunities: Being in Kerala means you're close to potential job opportunities. The state's airports, airlines, and aviation companies offer promising career prospects for graduates.

Networking Opportunities: Kerala's aviation community provides ample networking opportunities. Students can connect with industry professionals, participate in aviation events, and build valuable relationships that can benefit their careers.

Cultural and Natural Beauty: Kerala's rich culture and natural beauty make it an attractive place to study. It offers a unique blend of education and the opportunity to explore a vibrant and diverse state.

Government Support: The government of Kerala is actively supporting the development of the aviation sector. This backing ensures that aviation education in the state remains relevant and aligned with industry needs.

Other Cities in Kerala

While Kollam and Kannur are notable for their BBA Aviation offerings, it's worth mentioning that other cities in Kerala may also have institutions providing similar programs. As aviation education gains prominence in the state, more cities may join the list of destinations for aspiring aviation enthusiasts.

In your quest for a BBA Aviation program, consider exploring options in various cities in Kerala to find the one that aligns best with your educational and career goals. Each city may offer unique advantages, so choose wisely as you embark on your journey towards a thrilling aviation career.

Subjects Covered in BBA Aviation Courses

In your pursuit of a BBA in Aviation in Kerala, you'll encounter a comprehensive curriculum that equips you with the knowledge and skills needed to excel in the aviation industry. Here's a closer look at the subjects you'll study:

Core Subjects: These are the foundational subjects that form the heart of your aviation education. You'll delve into areas such as airline operations, airport management, aviation safety, and air traffic control. These core subjects provide you with a deep understanding of the aviation ecosystem.

Elective Subjects: While core subjects provide the essential knowledge, elective subjects allow you to tailor your education to your interests and career aspirations. You might choose to explore areas like aviation marketing, aviation law, or aviation finance, giving you a well-rounded perspective of the industry.

Practical Training Components: BBA Aviation courses in Kerala are designed to be practical and hands-on. You won't just learn theories; you'll put them into action. Practical training may involve airport simulations, real-world case studies, and internships with airlines or airports. This real-world experience is invaluable in preparing you for the challenges of the aviation field.

Admission Procedure and Eligibility

To embark on your journey toward a BBA in Aviation in Kerala, you need to navigate the admission process:

Eligibility Criteria: Typically, you need to have completed your 10+2 (or its equivalent) education to be eligible for BBA Aviation courses. This educational foundation ensures you have the prerequisites for the program.

Entrance Exams (AME CET): In some cases, institutions may require you to take entrance exams like AME CET (Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test). These exams assess your aptitude and suitability for aviation management studies.

Application and Selection Process: To get started, you'll need to fill out application forms for the institutions of your choice. Once you've submitted your application, institutions will review your qualifications and, if applicable, your entrance exam scores. Based on your academic performance and, if necessary, your entrance test results, you'll be selected for the program.

Understanding the subjects, you'll study and the admission process is the first step toward your exciting journey in aviation management. Kerala offers a promising platform for you to embark on this adventure and prepare for a fulfilling career in the aviation industry.

BBA Aviation Course Fees in Kerala

When planning to pursue a BBA in Aviation in Kerala, it's essential to consider the financial aspect of your education:

Tuition Fees: Tuition fees for BBA Aviation courses in Kerala can vary depending on the institution. On average, tuition fees can range from INR 1 lakh to 3 lakhs per year. However, these figures are subject to change, so it's crucial to check with specific institutions for the most accurate and up-to-date fee information.

Additional Costs (if any): In addition to tuition fees, you may need to budget for additional expenses such as study materials, uniforms (if required), and field trips. Being financially prepared for these costs will ensure a smooth academic journey.

AME CET Scholarships and Financial Aid: Aspiring aviation students can explore scholarship opportunities offered through the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test (AME CET). This exam often provides scholarships to deserving students based on academic performance and other criteria. Scholarships and financial aid can significantly ease the financial burden of pursuing your BBA Aviation degree.

Career Opportunities After BBA Aviation

Upon completing your BBA in Aviation in Kerala, a world of exciting career opportunities awaits you:

Aviation Management Roles: Your BBA Aviation degree equips you with the skills required for various roles in aviation management. You may consider positions in airline operations, airport management, aviation safety, and more. Graduates often secure roles as airport managers, airline operations coordinators, or aviation safety officers.

Job Prospects in Kerala: Kerala's flourishing aviation sector presents promising job prospects for BBA Aviation graduates. Opportunities can be found in airports, airlines, aviation consultancy firms, and even government aviation departments. The state's strategic location and thriving tourism industry contribute to the demand for aviation professionals.

National and International Opportunities: While Kerala offers a robust job market for aviation graduates, your qualifications open doors to opportunities across India and worldwide. The aviation industry is global, and your skills are transferable to various regions and countries, making it possible to pursue an international career.

As you embark on your BBA Aviation journey in Kerala, consider the potential career paths that lie ahead. With quality education and promising job prospects, this program offers an excellent foundation for those aspiring to thrive in the dynamic aviation industry.

The Importance of BBA Aviation Courses in Kerala

BBA Aviation courses in Kerala hold significant importance in shaping the future of aspiring aviation professionals. Here's why these courses matter:

Gateway to the Aviation Industry: Kerala's aviation courses serve as a gateway to the dynamic aviation industry. With a focus on aviation management, students gain the knowledge and skills needed to excel in various roles within the industry. Meeting Industry Demand: As the aviation sector in Kerala continues to grow, there's a pressing need for skilled professionals who can manage and lead in this sector. BBA Aviation courses produce graduates who are ready to meet this demand. Strategic Location: Kerala's strategic location as a gateway to South India and its thriving tourism industry makes it a hotspot for aviation activities. This provides students with opportunities to engage with real-world aviation operations. Quality Education: The state is home to reputed institutions that offer high-quality aviation management education. These institutions provide students with a strong academic foundation and practical exposure.

BBA Aviation Courses in Kannur

Kannur, located in the northern part of Kerala, is another city that offers BBA Aviation courses:

Program Availability: In Kannur, you'll find BBA Aviation programs that cater to the growing demand for aviation management education. These courses are structured to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the aviation industry. Notable Institutions: Kannur hosts institutions that are committed to delivering high-quality aviation education. These institutions offer a supportive learning environment where students can nurture their passion for aviation and prepare for rewarding careers.


BBA Aviation Management is an undergraduate program focusing on aviation-related business and management aspects. It's popular in Kerala due to the state's thriving aviation industry, with airports like Kochi International Airport and Trivandrum International Airport.

Some colleges in Kerala that offer BBA Aviation Management programs include Rajagiri College of Management and Applied Sciences (RCMAS), Nehru College of Aeronautics and Applied Sciences, and Bharata Mata College.
Eligibility criteria may vary by college, but generally, candidates should have completed 10+2 (or equivalent) with a minimum specified percentage in Kerala state or recognized boards.
Some colleges may conduct their own entrance exams or accept scores from relevant state or national-level entrance exams. Check with individual colleges for specific admission requirements.
Many BBA Aviation Management programs in Kerala include internships or practical training to provide students with hands-on experience in the aviation sector.
Some colleges offer scholarships or financial assistance to eligible students based on merit, need, or other criteria. It's advisable to inquire with the colleges about available options.
Graduates can pursue careers in airline management, airport administration, aviation consultancy, aviation marketing, and various other roles within the aviation industry, both within Kerala and beyond.
BBA Aviation Management programs generally have a duration of three years, but it's essential to verify the specific duration with the college of interest.
Yes, Kerala's growing aviation industry, with major international airports, makes it an excellent location for those aspiring to pursue careers in aviation management and related fields.
While specific prerequisites may vary, a strong foundation in subjects like Mathematics, Physics, and English can be beneficial for admission.
Many BBA Aviation Management colleges in Kerala provide placement assistance and have tie-ups with aviation companies to help students secure job opportunities.
Yes, these colleges typically admit students from various states and even international students. Admissions are not restricted to Kerala residents.
Fees can vary between colleges. It's advisable to check with the specific colleges for the most up-to-date fee structures.
While some colleges may offer flexible learning options, BBA Aviation Management programs often involve full-time, on-campus study due to the practical nature of the coursework.
Accreditation ensures that the college and its programs meet certain quality standards. It can also be a factor in the recognition of your degree by employers.
Many colleges offer aviation-related clubs or activities where students can further explore their interests in the field.
You can regularly check the official websites of the colleges or contact their admission offices for the latest information.
Some colleges may accept students from different educational backgrounds. Check with the colleges for their specific eligibility criteria.
Kerala's aviation industry is expanding, creating opportunities for skilled professionals. Graduates can look forward to a promising career in this dynamic sector.
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