Airport Ground Staff Course in Delhi

Airport Ground Staff training course in Delhi is a short-term course. After the completion of the course, the students will get a certificate in Airport Ground Staff that will help them to get a job in the top airlines. The following information covers various aspects like the top Airport Ground Staff training institute in Delhi, fees, course duration, placement, etc. if you have any other query regarding Airport Ground Staff course in Delhi, then feel free to contact us.

Top Airport Ground Staff Institutes in Delhi

The top Airport Ground Staff institutes in Delhi have a beautiful infrastructure and academic facilities. The duties of an Airport Ground Staff include operating the arrival and departure gate, performing cabin services to make sure that the passengers are completely comfortable during their flights, ensuring that all the baggage is delivered properly, etc. All the Airport Ground Staff institutes in Delhi provide the best learning facilities to the students.

Ground Staff Course Detail

The Ground Staff course in Delhi trains the candidate about taking reservations from the passengers who call in, operating the check-in counters which serve departing passengers, etc. The candidates, who are looking forward to pursuing this course from a reputed institute should take AME CET. This test offers the qualified candidates with up to 100% scholarship.

Ground Staff Course Duration

Short term courses are always a plus point in India. It has become the best way to grow an aviation career. Airport ground Staff is an 11-month certificate course in Delhi, during the study of which, the student will get knowledge of various aspects like checking, assisting disabled passengers, providing information, confirming reservations, etc.

Ground Staff Course Eligibility

To get admission in the Airport Ground Staff certification course in Delhi, the students must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:-

  • The candidates, who are looking forward to pursuing the course from a recognised institute should take AME CET.
  • A student must have passed 10+2 with any stream or engineering diploma from any recognized board/university.

Airport Ground Staff Course in Delhi Subjects

Airport Ground Staff subjects cover various tasks like ensuring the safety and comfort of passengers. Following subjects of Airport Ground Staff will give one an idea of study:-

  • Airport Division
  • Aviation Fundamentals
  • Reservation includes Baggage screening and Queue Management
  • Check-in Procedures
  • Baggage Make-Up Area
  • Security Hold Area and boarding gate
  • Boarding Gate Formalities and Announcements
  • Arrival Procedures
  • Ramp Management
  • Frequent Flyer Program
  • SABRE- Basic Reservations and check-in

Airport Ground Staff Course Fees in Delhi

Airport Ground Staff course fee in Delhi varies from institutes to institutes. Mostly, the course fee is based upon the various aspects like location, placement, training session, infrastructure, hostel, etc. Students can apply for an education loan too. AME CET is a nationwide entrance examination which offers up to 100% scholarship and admission in top institutes and colleges of Airport Ground Staff to entrance qualified students.

Airport Ground Staff fees range from INR 1 Lakhs to 1.5 Lakhs for the complete course.

How to Take Admission in Airport Ground Staff Colleges in Delhi?

To take admission in Airport Ground Staff colleges in Delhi, the students should follow the following process:-

  • A Candidate has to visit the official website of AME CET 2022 and fill the AME CET application form from there.
  • After qualifying AME CET, the applicant can take admission in one of the highest Ground staff training institutes in Delhi.


The Airport Ground Staff Course trains individuals to manage various airport operations, including assisting passengers, handling baggage, and ensuring smooth flight departures and arrivals. It’s designed to equip students with the skills needed for effective communication, customer service, and operational efficiency in the dynamic environment of an airport.

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The duration of an Airport Ground Staff course in delhi typically ranges from 6 months to 1 year. The exact length depends on the specific training institute and whether the program is a certificate, diploma, or advanced diploma course. Each type of program is structured to provide the necessary skills and knowledge for airport ground operations.

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To enroll in an Airport Ground Staff course in delhi, you typically need to have completed your 12th grade from a recognized board. Some institutes may also require a certain proficiency in English, given the international nature of the job. Good communication skills and a customer-oriented attitude are also highly beneficial for prospective students.

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After completing an airport ground staff course, you can expect job roles such as Passenger Handling Agent, Customer Service Agent, Baggage Handling Agent, and Flight Operations Agent at airports. These roles involve direct interaction with passengers, handling their queries and luggage, ensuring a smooth check-in process, and coordinating flight-related operations to maintain the airport's efficiency and safety.

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airport ground staff perform various roles, including baggage handling, aircraft marshalling, passenger assistance, and ground equipment operation.

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Qualifications for airport ground staff typically include a high school diploma or equivalent, excellent communication skills, and the ability to work in a fast-paced environment.

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airport ground staff are responsible for tasks such as baggage handling, aircraft marshalling, passenger assistance, and operating ground support equipment.

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Working hours for airport ground staff can vary depending on the employer and role, but they often include shifts that cover early mornings, evenings, weekends, and holidays.

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Working as airport ground staff can be physically demanding, requiring the ability to lift heavy luggage, stand for long periods, and work in outdoor environments.

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Career advancement opportunities for airport ground staff may include roles in supervisory or management positions, specialized training in areas such as safety or security, or transitioning to other roles within the aviation industry.

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airport ground staff ensure safety and security by adhering to established protocols, conducting regular inspections of equipment and facilities, and communicating effectively with team members and other airport personnel.

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airport ground staff require strong communication skills to interact effectively with passengers, airline personnel, air traffic control, and other airport stakeholders.

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airport ground staff handle challenging situations or difficult passengers by remaining calm, empathetic, and professional, while adhering to established procedures and protocols.

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airport ground staff contribute to the overall passenger experience by providing assistance, information, and support to travelers throughout their journey.

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Successful airport ground staff possess qualities such as teamwork, attention to detail, adaptability, customer service orientation, and strong communication skills.

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