Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME)is a highly skilled profession that requires specialized training and education. As such, it can be challenging for freshers (new graduates) to find job opportunities in this field. However, it is not impossible. Some of the job options for freshers with an AME license include:

Apprenticeship programs: Some airlines and MRO facilities in India offer apprenticeship programs for freshers. These programs provide on-the-job training and hands-on experience, and can lead to full-time employment.

Entry-level positions: Some airlines and MRO facilities may have entry-level positions available for freshers, such as aircraft maintenance technicians or mechanics. These positions may involve assisting more experienced AMEs with maintenance and repairs, or performing routine maintenance tasks.

Self-Employment: Some freshers may opt for starting their own business, such as small MRO facilities or consulting services.

Technical Support: Freshers can also provide technical support to different airlines, MROs and other organizations in their maintenance and repair operations.

Training & Education: Freshers with an Ame License can also become trainers and educators, teaching the next generation of AMEs and providing continuing education to current AMEs.

Its important to note that the job market for AMEs can be competitive, and that the specific job options and responsibilities for freshers may vary depending on the type of aircraft and systems they are qualified to maintain and repair, as well as the specific company or organization they are applying to.

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