A bba in airport management program in Kerala covers a comprehensive range of subjects essential for managing airport operations effectively. These include aviation management, which provides an overview of the aviation industry, its history, regulations, and future trends. Airport operations delve into the day-to-day functioning of airports, including terminal operations, ground handling, and fleet management. Aviation law covers legal aspects relevant to aviation, such as regulations governing airport operations, air traffic management, and passenger rights. Air traffic control focuses on the principles and procedures of managing air traffic to ensure safety and efficiency.

Passenger handling encompasses customer service, ticketing, boarding procedures, and handling passenger queries and complaints. Cargo management covers the logistics of transporting goods by air, including handling, storage, and customs clearance. Airport safety and security address measures to prevent accidents, respond to emergencies, and protect against security threats. Overall, these subjects provide students with a comprehensive understanding of airport management and prepare them for diverse roles within the aviation industry.

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