B.Sc. ame graduates have diverse career opportunities in the aviation industry and related sectors. They can work as licensed aircraft maintenance engineers or technicians, responsible for inspecting, repairing, and maintaining aircraft systems, structures, and components to ensure airworthiness and safety. Graduates may find employment opportunities with airlines, maintenance repair organizations (MROs), aircraft manufacturers, aerospace companies, or regulatory agencies such as civil aviation authorities or aviation safety organizations. They may specialize in specific aircraft types, such as commercial airliners, helicopters, corporate jets, or military aircraft, or focus on particular areas of aircraft maintenance, such as avionics, propulsion systems, airframes, or powerplants.

Additionally, B.Sc. AME graduates may pursue advanced certifications, specialized training, or managerial roles in aircraft maintenance operations, quality assurance, regulatory compliance, or safety management. The demand for skilled aircraft maintenance professionals is expected to remain strong, driven by the growth of the aviation industry, expansion of air transportation networks, and increasing emphasis on aircraft safety and reliability.

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