After completing the Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course, graduates can work in a variety of roles within the aviation industry, including aircraft maintenance, troubleshooting and repair, inspection, and quality control. Some of the career opportunities include:

Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME): This is the primary role for graduates of the AME course. AMEs are responsible for ensuring the airworthiness and safe operation of aircraft by performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs. They also conduct inspections, ensure compliance with regulations and standards, and keep detailed records of maintenance activities.

Maintenance Planning Engineer: This role involves planning and scheduling maintenance activities, as well as monitoring and controlling the cost of maintenance.

Quality Control Engineer: This role involves ensuring that aircraft and their components are maintained in accordance with regulations and standards, and that maintenance activities are conducted in a safe and efficient manner.

Technical Support Engineer: This role involves providing technical support and advice to customers and other stakeholders, such as airlines, aircraft manufacturers, and other organizations.

Flight Operations Engineer: This role involves ensuring the safe and efficient operation of aircraft, by providing technical support to flight crews and monitoring aircraft performance.

Technical Instructor: This role involves training and educating new AMEs and other aviation professionals.

Research and Development Engineer: This role involves researching and developing new technologies and systems for aircraft, as well as testing and evaluating existing systems.

Its worth noting that the career opportunities after completing the Ame Course are not limited to the aviation industry, the skills and knowledge gained through the AME course can be applied in other industries such as manufacturing, transportation, and maintenance.

Its also worth noting that the salary and advancement opportunities vary depending on factors

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