Work experience is not generally a requirement before starting an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME) course, as the course is designed for individuals who have an interest in aircraft maintenance and want to pursue a career in the field. The course is meant to provide the necessary training and education required to become an AME.

However, some institutions may have certain prerequisites that applicants must meet before they can enroll in the course. For example, some institutions may require applicants to have completed a certain level of education, such as 10+2, or to have a certain level of proficiency in English. This is to ensure that the applicant has the basic knowledge and skills needed to understand the technical aspects of the course.

Additionally, some institutions may also conduct an aptitude test to assess the candidates suitability for the course. This test is meant to evaluate the candidates aptitude for mechanical and technical subjects, and their ability to understand and apply technical concepts.

It is also worth noting that having work experience in a related field such as mechanical engineering, or in a related industry such as aviation or aerospace, can be beneficial for an individual when they are seeking employment as an AME. It can also be an added advantage during the selection process of the course.

Its best to check with the institution where you plan to enroll for their specific requirements.

To sum up, having work experience before starting the Ame Course is not a requirement but having some knowledge and experience in related field can be an added advantage for the applicant during selection process and for the future employment.

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