The duration of an aircraft maintenance engineer (ame) course can vary significantly depending on the country and the educational institution offering the program. Generally, these courses range from 2 to 4 years. A standard ame training program includes theoretical classes as well as practical training, which is essential for gaining the hands-on experience necessary for the job.

In many cases, the course is structured in such a way that students spend part of their time in classroom study and part in practical, on-job training, often at an airport or maintenance facility. The curriculum is designed to cover all the necessary aspects of aircraft maintenance, including engines, airframes, electrics, and avionics.

After completing the coursework, students must usually pass specific exams and complete a certain amount of practical experience to become licensed. The licensing is crucial as it certifies the engineer to undertake aircraft maintenance tasks independently and is recognized by aviation authorities. The final certification or license, such as the EASA Part 66 in Europe or the A&P license in the United States, often requires additional examinations and demonstrated practical experience beyond the initial training period.

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