B.Sc. ame programs typically incorporate internships, practical training, or industry attachments as integral components of the curriculum. These experiential learning opportunities allow students to apply theoretical knowledge and technical skills in real-world aircraft maintenance settings, workshops, or mro facilities. During internships or practical training placements, students work under the supervision of licensed aircraft maintenance engineers or technicians, gaining practical experience in aircraft inspection, troubleshooting, repair, and maintenance tasks.

They may assist with routine maintenance checks, component replacements, system installations, or aircraft servicing activities, depending on the nature of the internship or training program. Internships may be arranged with partner organizations, airlines, aircraft manufacturers, or maintenance facilities to provide students with exposure to different types of aircraft, maintenance practices, and industry environments. Practical training components are designed to complement classroom instruction, reinforce learning outcomes, and enhance students' readiness for entry-level roles in the aircraft maintenance field.

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