BBA Aviation Colleges in Bangalore

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Aviation is a high scope career. It is a degree level program that is divided into theoretical and practical knowledge to an aspirant in the fields of Air Transport, Financial Accounting, Airport Operations, etc. The candidate, who wishes to pursue the course from one of the topmost institutes should take AME CET. Furthermore, the following information provides knowledge of various aspects like top BBA in Aviation colleges in Bangalore, course fees, eligibility, syllabus, fees, etc. If you have any other queries about the course, then feel free to contact us.

Top BBA in Aviation Colleges in Bangalore

There are various institutes, colleges, and universities in Bangalore that offer BBA Aviation courses. After the completion of the course, the applicants will get a degree that is approved by the University Grant Commission (UGC). AME CET is the best way to get admission to the best institutes, colleges, and universities of BBA Aviation in Bangalore and up to 100% scholarship to all entrance examination qualified students. The top institutes provide placements in top organizations, best quality infrastructure, and best training sessions with well-educated experts of the aviation industry.

BBA Aviation Course Details

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Aviation is an undergraduate degree program related to the various tasks in the aviation industry like air transport, financial accounting, airport operations, passenger forecasting, airport planning, marketing, etc. BBA Aviation is a demanding career in the aviation industry which provides well-paid jobs in the numerous companies of aviation.

BBA Aviation Course Duration

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Aviation is a 3-year undergraduate program approved by the University Grant Commission (UGC). This degree is further divided into six semesters of six months each. During the study of BBA Aviation, the students will cover various subjects like air transport, financial accounting, airport operations, passenger forecasting, airport planning, marketing, etc.

BBA Aviation Eligibility Criteria

To get admission in BBA Aviation colleges in Bangalore, the candidates should fulfill the following eligibility criteria:-

  • The candidates who wish to pursue the course of AME CET, they should take AME CET. Through the test, the applicant will be able to get up to 100% scholarship.
  • Students must have passed the 12th standard or equivalent from any recognized board in India.

BBA in Aviation Course Subjects

There are various topics of the course of BBA in Aviation that cover various aspects like air transport, financial accounting, airport operations, airport planning, marketing, etc. The following subjects will introduce the candidate during the BBA in Aviation study:-

  • Management and Leadership
  • Introduction to Aviation Industry
  • Business Mathematics
  • Business Accounting
  • Business Computing
  • Business Communication
  • Organizational Behavior
  • Principles of Management
  • Airport Functions of Airlines
  • Financial Management
  • Research Methodology and Report Writing
  • Cargo Handling
  • Human Resource Management

BBA in Aviation Bangalore Fees Structure

The course fee of the course of BBA in Aviation in Bangalore depends on the college, which will be chosen by the candidates during the admission counselling of AME CET 2024. The fee of the course is based on college infrastructure, faculty, hostel, and other facilities. AME CET offers up to 100% scholarship to all entrance qualified students. There is also an education loan facility available.

The approx fee of the course is tentatively INR 1 Lakh to INR 4 Lakhs for the whole course in India.

How to take Admission in Top BBA in Aviation Colleges in Bangalore?

To get admission in BBA Aviation colleges in Bangalore and up to 100% scholarship for study, the student should follow the following process:-

  • A Candidate has to visit the official website of AME CET 2024 and fill the AME CET application form from there.
  • After qualifying the entrance exam successfully, the candidate can take admission in top colleges of BBA in Aviation in Bangalore.


bba aviation is a bachelor's degree program that combines business management principles with specialized knowledge in aviation industry operations, regulations, and management practices.

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bba aviation programs cover subjects such as aviation management, airport operations, airline management, aviation safety, aviation law, aviation economics, marketing, finance, human resources, and strategic management.

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Career prospects include roles in airport management, airline operations, aviation consultancy, aviation regulatory authorities, aviation safety management, air cargo logistics, ground handling services, and aviation-related businesses.

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Yes, many bba aviation programs offer internships or practical training opportunities with airlines, airports, aviation companies, consultancy firms, regulatory authorities, and other industry stakeholders to provide students with hands-on experience and exposure to real-world aviation operations.

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Some bba aviation colleges may offer international exposure or exchange programs, allowing students to study abroad, participate in cultural exchanges, internships, or collaborative projects with partner universities, and gain global perspectives on aviation industry practices and trends.

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bba aviation colleges provide state-of-the-art facilities and resources, including aviation laboratories, simulation centers, computer labs, library resources, research facilities, industry partnerships, career services, and student support services, to enhance the learning experience and prepare students for careers in the aviation industry.

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bba aviation colleges prepare students for industry-relevant certifications and professional qualifications by integrating certification exam preparation into the curriculum, offering specialized courses, workshops, and seminars, providing access to study materials, and facilitating exam registration and preparation support services.

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Industry professionals contribute to bba aviation colleges by serving as guest lecturers, adjunct faculty members, industry mentors, advisory board members, or industry partners, sharing real-world insights, expertise, and experiences that enrich the curriculum, enhance student learning, and bridge the gap between academia and industry.

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Research in bba aviation colleges contributes to knowledge creation, innovation, and advancements in aviation management practices, safety procedures, regulatory compliance, sustainable aviation initiatives, and emerging trends in the aviation industry.

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bba aviation colleges promote entrepreneurship and innovation among students by offering entrepreneurship courses, startup incubation programs, innovation challenges, business plan competitions, mentorship opportunities, and industry partnerships that encourage students to develop innovative solutions and entrepreneurial ventures in the aviation sector.

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bba aviation colleges provide support services for international students, including admissions assistance, visa guidance, accommodation arrangements, orientation programs, academic advising, counseling services, English language support, cultural integration activities, and student organizations that cater to the needs and interests of international students.

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bba aviation colleges ensure quality assurance and accreditation through rigorous academic standards, faculty qualifications, curriculum review processes, accreditation by recognized accrediting bodies, industry partnerships, student feedback mechanisms, and continuous improvement initiatives that uphold excellence in education and meet industry expectations.

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bba aviation colleges offer career support services, including career counseling, job placement assistance, resume writing workshops, interview preparation sessions, networking events, industry connections, internship opportunities, and alumni mentoring programs to help students explore career options, develop job search strategies, and transition into the workforce successfully.

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bba aviation colleges foster a culture of diversity, equity, and inclusion through policies, programs, and initiatives that promote equal opportunities, respect for diverse perspectives, multicultural understanding, and inclusivity in all aspects of college life, creating a welcoming and supportive environment for students from diverse backgrounds.

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Yes, bba aviation colleges provide opportunities for hands-on training and practical experience through aviation laboratories, simulation centers, internships, industry projects, and field visits, allowing students to apply theoretical knowledge to real-world aviation scenarios and develop practical skills essential for success in the aviation industry.

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