BBA in Aviation Course Syllabus

BBA in Aviation is a 3-year undergraduate course that covers various aspects like an airport, business, airlines, and every aspect of the aviation industry. The course syllabus gives deep knowledge of air transport, financial accounting, airport operations, passenger forecasting, marketing, airport planning, etc. After the completion of the course, the candidates will be able to get great jobs in the top aviation origination.

Various topics will be covered in the BBA Aviation course. Furthermore, the following syllabus will give the candidate with the idea of the study:-

Semester 1

  • Language I
  • English I
  • Core I - Management Process
  • Core II - Financial Accounting
  • Applied Paper I - Mathematics for Management I
  • Environmental Studies

Semester 2

  • Language II
  • English II
  • Core III - Organizational Behavior
  • Core IV - Economics for Executives
  • Applied Paper-II - Mathematics for Management II
  • Value Education - Human Rights

Semester 3

  • Core V - Business Communication
  • Core VI - Production and Material Management
  • Core VII - Marketing Management
  • Core VIII - Management Information System
  • Applied Paper III - Taxation Law and Practice
  • Skill-based Subject - 1: Retail Environment
  • Airline and Travel & Tourism Industry: Introduction

Semester 4

  • Core IX - Human Resource Management
  • Core X - Financial Management
  • Core XI - Principles of Airlines and Airport Management
  • Core XII - PC Software (MS Office) - Theory
  • Core XIII - PC Software (MS Office) - Practical
  • Applied Paper IV - Business Law
  • Skill-based Subject - 2: Consumer Behaviour
  • Logistic and Air Cargo Management

Semester 5

  • Core XIV - Cost & Management Accounting
  • Core XV - Marketing Research
  • Core XVI - Airline Finance and Insurance
  • Core XVII - Aviation Law, Aircraft Rules and Regulations
  • Core XVIII - Air Traffic Control
  • Elective - 1: Air Transportation Safety & Security
  • Skill-based subject - 3: Merchandising Management

Semester 6

  • Core XIX - Entrepreneurship and Project Management
  • Core XX - Airport Strategic Planning
  • Core XXI - Airline & Airport Marketing Management
  • Elective - II: Services Marketing
  • Elective - III: Importance of Aircraft Maintenance Management
  • Customer Relationship Management
  • Extension Activities

Skills Required

BBA in Aviation holds great scopes in the aviation industry. Therefore, the candidates need to possess certain skills in order to pursue the course. The skills, that a candidate has to have are:-

  • Good Communication Skills
  • Problem solving Skills
  • Leadership Quality
  • People skills. Good customer service is important in aviation
  • Positive attitude
  • Teamwork
  • Honesty
  • Knowing your limitations


How many subjects in the BBA in aviation?

There are a total of 5-6 subjects in one semester and these subjects are practical as well as academic. According to this, you have to study 36-40 academic as well as practical subjects in 3 years.

The basic subjects of the BBA in aviation are given below:-

  • Language I
  • English I
  • Core I - Management Process
  • Core II - Financial Accounting
  • Applied Paper I - Mathematics for Management I
  • Environmental Studies

There are many basic skills that are required in the BBA in aviation students are given below:-

  • You know how to communicate with people.
  • Have leadership qualities.
  • Have the quality to manage the work properly.
  • Have a positive attitude towards work.

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