Bachelor of Technology (B.Tech) in aeronautical engineering can be challenging as it is a technical degree program that covers a wide range of complex subjects. The curriculum includes both theoretical and practical coursework, and students are expected to have a solid understanding of mathematics, physics, and engineering principles.

The coursework can be demanding and requires a significant amount of independent study and problem-solving. Students are also expected to complete various projects and laboratory work which will require a good deal of time and effort.

However, the level of difficulty can vary depending on the student's individual background, interest, and aptitude. If a student has a strong foundation in mathematics and science and is passionate about aerospace technology and the subject matter, they will find the program more manageable. With hard work and dedication, students can achieve success in the program.

It is also worth noting that the degree program equips students with a wide range of knowledge and skills that are in high demand in the aerospace industry, which can be rewarding in terms of career opportunities and salary potential.

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