After completing an ame course, graduates are eligible to apply for different types of licenses, which are essential for practicing as a certified engineer. The primary license is the aircraft maintenance engineer's License (AMEL), which is issued by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) in India. This license is categorized into several classes, each focusing on different aircraft types and systems. For instance, Category A licenses cover line maintenance, permitting holders to undertake minor repairs and replacements at the airport.

Category B licenses are further divided into B1 and B2, where B1 focuses on mechanical systems (engines and airframes) and B2 focuses on avionic systems (electrical, instruments, and radio). To obtain these licenses, graduates must pass specific DGCA exams and complete required practical experience, which demonstrates their capability to maintain various aircraft systems safely and effectively. The rigorous process ensures that licensed AME professionals are highly qualified and ready to meet the demands of the aviation industry.

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