aeronautical engineering students in Delhi have access to a variety of scholarships and financial aid options designed to make education more accessible and affordable. Government-sponsored schemes like the AICTE Pragati Scholarship for girls and the Saksham Scholarship for differently-abled students provide substantial support based on gender and physical criteria. Additionally, the National Scholarship Portal lists numerous scholarships funded by different government departments for meritorious and economically disadvantaged students.

Colleges and universities often have their own scholarship programs, offering fee waivers or financial assistance to students based on their academic performance in entrance exams or during their course of study. Private foundations and organizations also offer scholarships targeting students pursuing engineering degrees, focusing on those who demonstrate exceptional talent or come from underrepresented communities.

Moreover, some institutions and external bodies provide research grants and funding for students interested in undertaking specific projects or innovations in the field of Aeronautical Engineering, encouraging advanced study and exploration.

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