The duration of a commercial pilot license (CPL) program depends on various factors, including the flight training institution's curriculum, the type of training aircraft used, and the individual student's progress and proficiency in flight training. CPL programs typically consist of a combination of ground school instruction, flight simulator training, and practical flight training conducted in single-engine and multi-engine aircraft.

The curriculum covers topics such as aerodynamics, aircraft systems, flight planning, navigation, meteorology, aviation regulations, and emergency procedures, preparing students for the theoretical knowledge and practical skills required for commercial piloting. The duration of the CPL program may range from 12 to 24 months, with full-time programs offering accelerated training schedules that allow students to complete the required flight hours and training milestones within a shorter timeframe.

Part-time programs may extend over a longer period to accommodate students' scheduling needs and allow for flexible training options. Flight training institutions may also offer customized or modular CPL programs tailored to meet specific training objectives, career goals, and regulatory requirements, allowing students to progress through training at their own pace and convenience.

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