To complete the admission process for a diploma in aerospace engineering program, candidates are usually required to submit several documents as part of their application. These documents typically include academic transcripts from previous educational institutions, providing evidence of the candidate's academic achievements and qualifications.

Additionally, candidates are required to submit proof of identity, such as a photocopy of their passport, driver's license, or Aadhar card, to verify their identity and citizenship status. Passport-sized photographs may also be required for identification purposes and to complete official documentation.

Depending on the institution's specific requirements, candidates may need to submit additional documents, such as a birth certificate, caste certificate (if applicable), domicile certificate, or any other documents specified by the institution. It is essential for candidates to carefully review the admission guidelines provided by the institution to ensure that they submit all required documents accurately and within the specified deadline.

Failure to submit the necessary documents or provide accurate information may result in the rejection of the candidate's application or delay in the admission process. Therefore, candidates are advised to meticulously prepare and organize all required documents before initiating the admission process to avoid any inconvenience or complications.

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