The subjects covered in an Aircraft Maintenance Engineer AME course include:

  • Aerodynamics: the study of how air moves around an aircraft.
  • Aircraft systems: such as electrical, hydraulic, pneumatic, and fuel systems.
  • Airframe: structure and components of an aircraft.
  • Powerplant: engines and related systems.
  • Maintenance practices: how to properly maintain and repair aircraft.
  • Safety and regulations: compliance with safety and regulatory standards.
  • Avionics: electronic systems used in aircraft, including navigation and communication systems.

The subjects are usually divided into theoretical and practical training, with a mix of classroom instruction and hands-on training in labs and on aircraft.


The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course covers a wide range of subjects related to aircraft maintenance and operations, including:

Aircraft Systems: This includes subjects such as aerodynamics, propulsion systems, electrical systems, and flight control systems.

Maintenance Procedures: This includes subjects such as inspection, troubleshooting, and repair techniques for various aircraft systems and components.

Regulations and Standards: This includes subjects such as the regulations and standards set by the regulatory authority for aircraft maintenance, such as DGCA in India.

Safety Practices: This includes subjects such as aircraft safety procedures and emergency procedures.

Avionics: This includes subjects such as navigation, communication, and control systems.

Materials and Processes: This includes subjects such as the properties and uses of various materials used in aircraft construction and the processes used to manufacture and repair aircraft components.

Aerospace Engineering: This includes subjects such as thermodynamics, materials science, and propulsion systems.

Human factors: This includes subjects such as human behavior, perception and decision-making, and how these factors affect aircraft design and operation.

Its also worth noting that some institutions or universities may offer specialized courses or elective subjects, such as aircraft design or aircraft maintenance management.

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