B.Sc Aeronautical Science programs in Delhi cover a range of key subjects essential for understanding the principles and practices of aeronautics. Aerodynamics explores the behavior of aircraft in flight and the forces acting upon them. Aircraft systems focus on the various components and subsystems of an aircraft, including electrical, hydraulic, and avionic systems. Propulsion delves into the principles of aircraft engines and propulsion systems. Aviation regulations encompass laws, rules, and standards governing aviation safety, operations, and certification.

Flight mechanics analyze the motion and behavior of aircraft in different flight conditions. Navigation involves the methods and techniques used for aircraft navigation, including celestial navigation, radio navigation, and GPS. Aviation safety emphasizes the importance of safety management systems, accident investigation, and risk assessment in the aviation industry.

Aerospace materials explore the properties, characteristics, and applications of materials used in aircraft construction, such as metals, composites, and alloys. By studying these subjects, students gain a comprehensive understanding of aeronautical science and develop the knowledge and skills required for careers in various sectors of the aviation industry

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