A career in airport management typically requires a bachelor's degree in aviation management, airport management, business administration, or a related field. Coursework may cover subjects such as airport operations, aviation law, airport planning and development, air traffic management, aviation security, and airline management. Additionally, internships, co-op programs, or practical training opportunities may provide hands-on experience and industry insights.

Advanced degrees such as a master's degree in aviation management or an MBA with a focus on aviation management may enhance career prospects and open up leadership roles in Airport Management. Professional certifications such as the Certified Member (CM) designation from the American Association of Airport Executives (AAAE) or the Accredited Airport Executive (AAE) credential from the International Airport Professional Accreditation Council (IAPAC) may also demonstrate expertise and commitment to the field. Continued professional development through workshops, seminars, conferences, and industry networking events is essential for staying abreast of industry trends, regulatory changes, and best practices in Airport Management.

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