The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course is typically a full-time program, which means students are required to attend classes and complete coursework on a full-time basis. The course is designed to provide a comprehensive education and hands-on training in the field of aircraft maintenance, which is a highly technical and regulated profession. The course covers subjects such as aircraft systems and components, maintenance procedures, regulations and standards, safety practices, and more. The curriculum is usually divided into two parts: theoretical and practical.

The theoretical part covers the knowledge and understanding of the principles and systems of an aircraft, while the practical part is dedicated to hands-on training in the lab and in real-world maintenance environment.

The duration of the course is typically 2-4 years, and it requires full-time commitment from the students, with classes and lab work scheduled during regular business hours. This is because the practical aspect of the course is considered critical as AMEs are responsible for ensuring the airworthiness and safe operation of aircraft by performing scheduled and unscheduled maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs.

This hands-on training is typically provided through internships or on-the-job training, where students gain experience working on actual aircraft systems and components under the supervision of experienced AMEs.

Its worth noting that Part-time Ame Course are not typically available in India, as the hands-on training component of the course is considered critical for the students to become a licensed AME. Also, the curriculum is designed to meet the standards and regulations set by the regulatory authority, such as DGCA in India, which only certifies the students who have completed the course through a traditional full-time classroom mode.

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