Cabin crew members generally do not have the autonomy to select their routes or destinations. Flight schedules and crew assignments are managed by airline scheduling departments, taking into account various factors such as operational requirements, flight demand, crew availability, and contractual agreements.

airlines utilize complex crew scheduling systems to allocate crew members to flights based on seniority, qualifications, preferences, and regulatory requirements. While cabin crew members may express preferences or submit bids for specific routes or destinations, final assignments are ultimately determined by the airline's scheduling algorithms and operational priorities.

Seniority often plays a significant role in crew scheduling, with more experienced crew members having greater influence over their assignments. However, even senior crew members may not always get their preferred routes or schedules, as crew assignments are subject to operational constraints and the needs of the airline.

Overall, cabin crew members have limited control over their routes or destinations and must be flexible and adaptable to accommodate changes in their schedules or assignments as dictated by airline operations and scheduling practices.

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