In addition to core subjects, the BBA airport management syllabus may include specialized elective courses that allow students to explore specific areas of interest or career pathways within airport management and aviation operations. Airport Retail Management focuses on retail operations, commercial development, and revenue generation strategies within airport terminals, including duty-free shopping, concessions, and retail marketing. Airline Operations Management covers airline scheduling, fleet management, route planning, and flight operations to optimize airline efficiency and performance.

Aviation Security examines security protocols, threat assessment, crisis management, and regulatory compliance measures to ensure the safety and security of airport facilities, personnel, and passengers. Airport Financial Management addresses budgeting, financial analysis, revenue forecasting, cost control, and financial decision-making principles applied to airport operations and financial sustainability. Airport Environmental Management explores environmental sustainability initiatives, regulatory requirements, and green technologies to minimize the environmental impact of airport operations and promote eco-friendly practices.

Airport Revenue Management focuses on pricing strategies, demand forecasting, capacity optimization, and revenue maximization techniques applied to airport services, facilities, and commercial operations. By offering specialized elective courses, the BBA Airport Management syllabus allows students to tailor their education to their career goals, interests, and industry preferences, enhancing their professional readiness and employability in the competitive aviation job market.

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