Career Opportunities in BBA Airport Management

The BBA in Airport Management course is a 3 years Undergraduate course which involves good communication and organizing skills. Whilst studying this course, the candidates will be able to learn about the managerial and the administrative roles in the Aviation industry. After the candidates complete this course, they will be able to secure a job in one of the topmost companies at various posts.

BBA in Airport Management Scope

BBA in Airport Management is one of the most renowned and respectable degrees. After one qualifies this degree, he/ she can bag a great job at one of the most renowned firms along with a handsome salary package.

Fields, in which one can work in after BBA in Airport Management, are:-

  • Airlines/ Airports
  • Educational Institutes
  • Retailing Companies
  • Logistics Departments

Working profile after doing BBA in Airport management in India

The sectors where the BBA Airport management can work are-:

  • Airport Manager/Assistant Manager:- The job of an Assistant Airport Manager (sometimes referred to as a Deputy Director of aviation) is to help the Airport Manager fulfill the tasks and responsibilities of maintaining the airport. This may include the acquisition, maintenance and staffing of airport vehicles and equipment.
  • Cargo Manager:- He is responsible for ensuring that the correct procedures are followed during the operations, such as loading, storage, and unloading of goods from an airplane. Since an air freight manager is the manager of a Cargo Operations of an airline company, the post is also called an air cargo manager.
  • Ground Staff Manager:- The Ground Staff makes sure that the passengers are comfortable. Their responsibilities also include checking the luggage, providing information, assisting the disable passengers, confirming the reservations and selling tickets.
  • Safety and Maintenance Manager:- The Safety and Maintenance managers are hired by an organization to take care of the measures taken for the maintenance and safety of an asset. They are also responsible to ensure that the tangible assets of an organization are in a good situation.
  • Customer Care Executive:- The Customer Care Executives are responsible for attending calls from customers and solving their queries regarding taking orders, answering inquiries, resolving complaints and providing information. The companies that may hire them are the ITeS ones.

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