Becoming a cabin crew member requires adhering to very specific grooming standards set by airlines, which often include restrictions on visible tattoos and body piercings. These standards are based on maintaining a professional appearance that aligns with the airline’s brand image. Most airlines do not allow any visible tattoos or body piercings because they strive to maintain a uniform look among all crew members, which they believe reflects on the airline’s service and safety standards.

If you have a tattoo, it might still be possible to qualify as cabin crew if the tattoo is located where the uniform covers it. For instance, a tattoo on the lower leg might be permissible if the airline’s uniform includes long trousers or stockings thick enough to conceal it. Similarly, small piercings might be acceptable if they can be removed or covered during duty.

It is crucial for aspiring cabin crew members to check the specific airline’s policy regarding tattoos and piercings during the application process. Some airlines are more lenient than others and may offer clear guidelines on what is or isn’t acceptable. In contrast, others might be more conservative and disallow any tattoos or piercings, regardless of their visibility under the uniform.

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