Private Pilot License (PPL) Course Eligibility

To become a pilot, the students can pursue a six to eight-month course of Private Pilot License (PPL). This course allows the students to act as a pilot of a non-commercial aircraft in the sky. Furthermore, the PPL holder only flies non-commercial aircraft as Pilot-in-Command (PIC) or co-pilot without remuneration. The interested candidates can pursue this course as a hobby too and fly his/ her own aircraft.

The Pilot Private License is the first step to become a pilot. After the candidate completes this course, he/ she will be able to apply for a great job in the Training Centre, Aviation Industry, Flying Clubs, etc with a handsome salary package. However, in order to pursue this course, the candidates will have to possess certain eligibility.

One can find the complete criterion of eligibility below:-

  • The candidate who is interested in pursuing this course from a recognized institute can take AME CET. For, this test provides admission in one of the topmost institutes in India.
  • One must be appearing or passed his/ her 10th.
  • Student age should not be less than 17 years.

Who should join the Private Pilot License (PPL) course?

Private Pilot License (PPL) is a licensed program that provides necessary aptitudes and learning to make an aspirant a qualified Private Pilot. This course covers the theories like flight principles, air law and flight principles, meteorology, flight planning, navigation, power plants, aerodynamics, aircraft systems, etc. Furthermore, in order to pursue this course, the candidates don’t only have to have certain educational qualifications but also some extra abilities and qualities. The same can be found below:-

  • Ability to logically and quickly assess situations.
  • Good knowledge of vocabulary.
  • Love to work in aircraft and flying environments.
  • Positive attitude & desire to do creative and innovative work.
  • Candidates should trust their instruments more than their gut feelings.
  • A candidate who loves to explore the world, they should apply for the PPL program.

Why should I join a Private Pilot License (PPL) course?

A private Pilot License (PPL) holder is an airman having a luxurious life and ultimate freedom of flying aircraft wherever and whenever he/ she wants. The students do not need to deal with the busy commercial airports, baggage hassles, or TSA lines. PPL license holders can drive their own airplanes. The Private Pilots may also purchase or rent an aircraft for business work or pleasure.


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