North East Entrepreneur Looks to Start New Airline

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Jettwings Airways will be based in Guwahati and will connect places with twin class Embraer E175 aircraft. The airline has secured an initial no objection clearance from the civil aviation ministry and plans to launch in October.

Starting a new airline specifically targeting students could offer unique career opportunities for individuals interested in aviation and related fields. Here are some potential career avenues that could emerge from such an initiative:

  1. pilots and Flight Crew: A new airline would require a team of skilled pilots and flight crew members to operate the aircraft. This presents opportunities for individuals who aspire to become pilots, co-pilots, flight attendants, and other roles involved in aviation operations.

  2. Cabin Crew and Customer Service: Flight attendants and cabin crew play a vital role in ensuring passengers' safety, comfort, and satisfaction. This could be an attractive career option for individuals who enjoy working with people and providing excellent customer service.

  3. Ground Operations: Ground staff is responsible for various activities, including aircraft maintenance, baggage handling, check-in procedures, and boarding assistance. Careers in ground operations could encompass roles like ramp agents, baggage handlers, and ground service personnel.

  4. Maintenance and Engineering: Maintaining aircraft to ensure their safety and airworthiness is crucial. Aviation engineers and technicians would be needed for aircraft maintenance, repairs, and inspections.

  5. Marketing and Sales: Building brand awareness and attracting students to your airline would require skilled marketing and sales professionals. These roles involve creating marketing campaigns, establishing partnerships, and driving customer engagement.

  6. Digital and Technology Roles: In the digital age, airlines rely on technology for booking, reservations, online check-in, and more. IT professionals and software developers would be essential for maintaining and enhancing these systems.

  7. Finance and Administration: Managing the financial aspects of an airline, including budgeting, financial reporting, and administrative functions, would require professionals with expertise in finance and accounting.

  8. Regulatory Compliance: Navigating aviation regulations and ensuring compliance with safety standards is crucial. Regulatory experts would be needed to ensure that the airline operates within legal boundaries.

  9. Logistics and Supply Chain: Efficiently managing the logistics and supply chain for an airline involves coordinating the movement of aircraft, crew, and resources. Careers in logistics and supply chain management could be integral to the airline's operations.

  10. Airport Services: Your airline's interaction with airports and airport services would necessitate collaboration with airport authorities, customs officials, and security personnel.

  11. Training and Development: Establishing a training program for pilots, crew, and staff is essential for maintaining safety standards and operational efficiency. This could create opportunities for training specialists and instructors.

  12. Entrepreneurial Opportunities: If you're the entrepreneur behind the airline, this venture could offer you an opportunity to lead and shape a growing business, contributing to the regional economy and employment.

Starting an airline is a complex endeavor that involves various aspects of aviation and business operations. Building a team with diverse skills and expertise will be critical to the success of your airline and the creation of meaningful career opportunities. It's important to carefully plan and execute your business strategy while keeping the welfare of both your passengers and employees in mind.

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