Aviation Students Excited as Scindia Urges India to Make Aerospace Products Here

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Civil Aviation Minister Jyotiraditya Scindia emphasized the need for India to focus on manufacturing aerospace products domestically, highlighting the growth potential of the country's aviation sector. He mentioned that the aviation industry, which involves airplanes and flying, is growing a lot. airlines in India are expected to have about 2,000 planes in the next few years. This means more airplanes will be flying, and the aviation field will become even more important. He also said that India should start making things related to airplanes within the country itself. This is exciting because it means that students who want to work with airplanes can now have more opportunities to do so. Scindia also talked about a special kind of flying machine called a drone. He said that drones will become a big business in the future and will create many jobs. He promised to make things easier for people who want to work in aviation and mentioned that the aviation industry is changing and becoming better.

Benefits for Students Who Want to Join the Aviation Field:

  1. Exciting Growth: The aviation field is growing a lot, which means more chances for students to have interesting jobs.

  2. Making Things in India: Students can be part of making things related to airplanes within India, contributing to the country's development.

  3. Drones and New Jobs: Drones are becoming popular, and students can be part of this new technology, which will create many jobs.

  4. Easier to Start a Business: Scindia wants to make it easier for students to start their own aviation-related businesses.

  5. Big Changes: The aviation field is changing a lot, and students can be part of these positive changes.

  6. Helping India: By working in aviation, students can help make India's aviation industry better and stronger.

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