The first test flight from the Noida international airport will likely take off as early as March next year, months before its scheduled opening by the end of 2024

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The Noida International Airport is getting ready for its very first trial flight, which is expected to happen in March next year. People who know about the project have said that the airport's building work is going according to plan. This means the airport might open sooner than they first thought, which was at the end of 2024.

The Union home and civil aviation departments had discussions with the Uttar Pradesh government. They talked about how to make the plan for the airport work. When the airport starts working, it's supposed to help with the crowdedness at the main airport in the capital city. It will also make travel easier for places in western Uttar Pradesh and Haryana.

The Noida airport, situated in Gautam Budh Nagar district, will initially boast one terminal building, one runway, and a capacity to handle 12 million passengers annually. Its development will unfold in four phases, with the fourth phase, expected to conclude by 2040, foreseeing a staggering footfall of 70 million passengers per year. This expansion is anticipated to enhance the efficiency of the country’s largest airport, the Indira Gandhi International Airport in New Delhi, currently catering to 70 million passengers annually.

A test flight is an important step when a new airplane is being checked before it starts flying with passengers. During this flight, the plane takes off and lands, and it usually has important people and experts on board. The purpose is to see if everything works well in real-life situations. For example, when they tested the new airport in Goa at Mopa, they made sure the instruments and processes they use there are really accurate and safe for planes to use. This helps make sure the airport is ready to work properly.

The Noida airport project is being spearheaded by Yamuna International Airport Private Limited, a fully owned subsidiary of Zurich International Airport AG, with a concession period of 40 years.

When the Noida airport starts conducting test flights from 2024, there will be several jobs and roles that will be involved in ensuring the successful execution of these test flights.

Some potential job roles related to the test flights at the Noida airport could include:

  1. pilots: Experienced pilots will be needed to fly the airplanes during the test flights. They will be responsible for taking off, flying, and landing the aircraft safely.

  2. flight engineers: Flight engineers will ensure that all the aircraft systems are working correctly during the test flight. They monitor instruments and assist the pilots in managing the plane's performance.

  3. Aircraft Mechanics and Technicians: These professionals will be responsible for maintaining and inspecting the aircraft before and after the test flights. They will ensure that the planes are in perfect working condition.

  4. Air Traffic Controllers: Air traffic controllers will manage the movement of aircraft during takeoff and landing, ensuring safety and proper coordination between planes.

  5. Flight Test Engineers: These experts will plan and execute the test flights, collecting data to evaluate how the aircraft performs under different conditions.

  6. Safety Inspectors: Safety inspectors will ensure that all safety protocols are followed during the test flights. They'll be responsible for assessing and minimizing any potential risks.

  7. Ground Crew: Ground crew members will assist with various tasks, including refueling, loading and unloading cargo, guiding planes on the ground, and maintaining the runway.

  8. Instrumentation Technicians: These technicians will install and monitor various instruments on the aircraft to gather data during the test flights.

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