FAA Orders Immediate Inspections of Pratt & Whitney Engines on Airbus Jets Due to Manufacturing Flaw

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It seems like you've provided information about the recent FAA order regarding inspections of Pratt & Whitney engines on airbus jets due to a manufacturing problem. This issue involves a potential flaw that could cause parts to wear out sooner than expected. Here's a summary of the key points from your provided text:

  1. Issue: U.S. regulators have identified a manufacturing problem with Pratt & Whitney engines installed on certain Airbus passenger jets. The flaw in these engines could lead to premature wear of certain parts.

  2. FAA Requirement: The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) has issued a new requirement for immediate inspections and potential repairs of these Pratt & Whitney engines. This directive supersedes a previous one from October, which had advised aircraft operators to have the engines checked during their next shop visit.

  3. Inspections: The FAA has ordered ultrasonic inspections to be conducted on 20 engines that are registered in the United States within 30 days. Additionally, the same manufacturing flaw affects a total of 202 engines globally.

  4. Pratt & Whitney's Response: Pratt & Whitney, the engine manufacturer, disclosed last month that approximately 200 engines worldwide would require urgent inspections and possibly the replacement of engine disks.

  5. Contaminated Powder Metal: The issue stems from contamination in the powder metal used during the manufacturing process of these engines. Due to this contamination, Pratt & Whitney estimates that around 1,200 engines will need to be removed from planes and inspected within the next nine to twelve months.

It's important to stay updated on any further developments related to this issue, as safety and maintenance concerns in the aviation industry are taken seriously to ensure the well-being of passengers and crew.

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