IndiGo, has placed an order for an extra ten Airbus A320Neo aircraft.

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indigo airlines, operating from Delhi International Airport, has officially placed an order for ten more A320Neo family aircraft, as indicated in a filing made with the Mumbai Stock Exchange (BSE) on September 4th. This new order is an extension of their previous commitment made in 2019 to acquire 300 planes, effectively growing their total order to 310 aircraft.

Apart from the 300 airplanes they ordered from airbus in 2019, IndiGo went even further in June by ordering 500 more narrowbody aircraft. According to data from ch-aviation fleets, their order list includes 293 A320-200Ns, one A321-200, 375 A321-200Ns, 229 A321-200NX, and 69 A321neo(XLR)s. Additionally, they have ten ATR72-500s on order from a different manufacturer.

The new aircraft orders will further solidify IndiGo's position as India's largest domestic airline, with a commanding 59% share of the domestic market. This dominance is why rival Air India and its low-cost subsidiaries are merging to try to challenge IndiGo's position.

Additionally, similar to Air India, IndiGo is also planning to create an aircraft leasing unit in Gujarat's GIFT City. They will invest INR 300 million (USD 3.6 million) over three years for this initiative. IndiGo has pledged to provide corporate guarantees worth up to USD 996 million to ensure their new leasing unit meets its financial obligations.

“Investment of up to INR300 million in one or more tranches through equity, quasi-equity, optionally convertible preference shares, optionally convertible debt instruments, or any combination thereof," IndiGo said about their new leasing entity.

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