Ayodhya Airport Set to Finish Construction By September, Says MoCA

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The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MoCA) announced on Friday that the Ayodhya airport's construction is projected to conclude by September. The airport, with an estimated cost of approximately Rs 350 crore, will be capable of accommodating A-321/B-737 aircraft, as stated in an official release.

The completion of the Ayodhya airport development by September is anticipated to result in the creation of new job opportunities.

potential job opportunities that could be created when an airport development project is completed:

  1. Airport Operations:

    • Airport Managers
    • Ground Crew
    • Baggage Handlers
    • Security Personnel
  2. Airlines:

    • Pilots
    • Flight Attendants
    • Maintenance Crew
  3. Retail and Hospitality:

    • Retail Sales Associates
    • Restaurant and Food Service Staff
    • Hotel Staff
  4. Transportation:

    • Taxi and Shuttle Drivers
    • Rental Car Service Employees
  5. Customs and Immigration:

    • Customs Officers
    • Immigration Officers
  6. Construction and Maintenance:

    • Construction Workers
    • Maintenance and Repair Technicians
  7. Administration and Management:

    • Administrative Assistants
    • Human Resources
    • Finance and Accounting
  8. Cargo Handling:

    • Cargo Handlers
    • Warehouse Staff
  9. Transport Security:

    • Security Screeners
    • K9 Handlers
  10. Air Traffic Control:

    • Air Traffic Controllers
  11. Tourism and Travel Services:

    • Travel Agents
    • Tour Guides
  12. Environmental and Sustainability Roles:

    • Environmental Specialists for compliance with environmental regulations and sustainability initiatives.
  13. IT and Technology:

    • IT Support for airport systems and software.

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