Diploma in Aerospace Engineering Career Opportunities

Aerospace Engineering in Diploma is a 3-year program in aviation that covers various job roles like designing, testing, manufacturing, and constructing the aircraft, spacecraft, rockets, satellite, space shuttle, etc. Aerospace Engineering is the unique field that covers all the air vehicles that fly within the earth's atmosphere and beyond the earth's atmosphere.

Aerospace Engineering work profile includes:-

  • Aerospace Designer Checker
  • Aircraft Production Managers
  • Mechanical Design Engineers
  • Assistant Technical Officers
  • Thermal Design Engineers

Aerospace Engineer Scope and Salary in India

India is the 3rd largest and fastest-growing aviation markets in the terms of selling domestic tickets which ensures high traffic in Indian aviation. Aerospace Engineering is one of the reputed and high salary package jobs worldwide. The average Aerospace Engineer salary ranges from INR 8 to 9 lakhs per month. The salary depends on the skills and knowledge of academic excellence. After the completion of the Diploma in Aerospace Engineering, the students can apply for the job in the following organizations such as:-

  • Civil Aviation Department
  • Indian Space Research Organizations (ISRO)
  • National Aerospace Laboratories (NAL)
  • Boeing
  • Defense Industry
  • National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
  • Defense Research and Development Organisation (DRDO)
  • Aeronautical Development Establishment (ADE)
  • Airbus
  • Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL)
  • Air India
  • Spicejet
  • GoAir
  • IndiGo
  • AirAsia

There are various Space research organizations like ISRO, NASA, the European space agency, etc. which offer luxurious lifestyle and stress-free career to Aerospace Engineers in terms of a high salary package, an additional bonus in salary, job availability, etc.

Aerospace Engineer job profiles

Aerospace Engineers may develop new technologies for use in aviation, and defense systems. The following duties can give you an idea of Aerospace Engineers work in the aviation industry:-

  • Design, manufacture, and testing of an air vehicle that flies within and beyond the earth atmosphere.
  • Judge and ensure the product is technically and financially feasible.
  • Aerospace Engineer ensures the product meets the engineering principles, customer requirements, and environmental regulations.
  • Build the acceptance criteria for quality standard, and design method after delivery of project, and completion dates.
  • Ensure projects match the quality standard as defined in the proposal.Make new and improved standards to reduce aircraft risk.

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