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B Sc in Aviation is also known as Bachelor in Aviation which is an undergraduate degree course that deals with the field of Aviation Science. It is also related to the aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, design and operation of aircraft, airport and airline management, Line Technician, Diver Dispatch/Load Planner, and flight attendants. B Sc in Aviation is a glamorous world with well-paid job.

B Sc in Aviation Eligibility

To get admission in B Sc in Aviation student must have fulfilled the following eligibility criteria:-

  • Students must be appearing or passed 10+2 or equivalent from a recognized board with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics.
  • The candidates who have pursued three-year Engineering Diploma course with Mathematics and Physics as their subjects are also eligible.
  • Students who are searching for one of the top most institutes of B Sc Aviation in India can apply for the AME CET.

B Sc in Aviation Course Duration

B Sc in Aviation course is a three-year undergraduate program with six semesters of six months each. During three years, the students will cover various subjects like aircraft building, aircraft maintenance, navigation, Aviation security, Flying aircraft, etc. Students who have desire to build their career in the design, production, and management of aircraft can pursue B Sc in aviation.

B Sc in Aviation Course Subjects

There are various subjects in B Sc in Aviation related to aircraft maintenance, air traffic control, design, and operation of aircraft. In B Sc in Aviation, student will learn about the numerous subjects which are as follows:-

  • English
  • Indian Heritage and Culture (IHC)
  • Aviation Mathematics
  • Aviation Physics
  • Aviation Science
  • Communication Skill Practical
  • Aircraft Awareness and Basics of Simulator
  • Environmental Science
  • Computer Application in Aviation
  • Air Navigation and Regulation
  • Aircraft Ground Handling and Safety

B Sc Aviation Course Career Opportunities

B Sc Aviation graduates have job opportunities in the various public and private aviation organizations. Students who are interested to make a career in B Sc in Aviation are recruited by various private civil and cargo aviation companies that are based in India and other countries. After completion of the course, a student can apply for the jobs on the following profile and Recruiting places:-

  • Air India
  • IndiGo
  • SpiceJet
  • Academic Institutes
  • Customer Care Services
  • Air Ports
  • Logistics Departments
  • GoAir
  • AirAsia India
  • Vistara
  • Alliance Air
  • Luwang Air
  • Air Deccan
  • Blue Dart Aviation
  • Pinnacle Air

B Sc in Aviation Course Admission Procedure

To become a graduate in Aviation Course, the candidate has to follow the following B Sc Aviation Admission Process:-

  • To join B Sc Aviation Course a candidate should fill the form of Aircraft Maintenance Engineering Common Entrance Test (AME CET).
  • After clearing AME CET Exam, based on the All India Rank (AIR) of AME CET student will get admission in one of the top B Sc Aviation institutes in India.

B Sc in Aviation Course Fees

B Sc in Aviation course fees is based on institute’s infrastructure, training facilities, faculty, etc. The wide range of colleges with different fee structure will be offered to the students by AME CET. The total average academic fees for B Sc aviation in India will be from INR 2 to 4 Lakhs Total Course Fees. Hostel fee is not included in this, The hostel fees will be charged extra based on colleges and facilities.

B Sc in Aviation Course Salary

The aviation industry is growing faster and a lot of Govt. schemes in India have hands to enhance the growth of the aviation sector as it allows large numbers of people to afford travelling through air. B Sc Aviation comes with endless career opportunities in various Private, Government, Commercial, Air Force, etc. organizations. The starting average salary for B Sc in Aviation graduates ranges from INR 3 Lakhs to 5 Lakhs per annum based on the skill set of the candidate.


Yes, aviation jobs are in demand, especially in areas such as piloting and aircraft maintenance, and management. The aviation industry has seen steady growth in recent years and is projected to continue to grow in the future, leading to increased demand for qualified professionals in a variety of roles. However, demand for specific aviation jobs may vary based on factors such as economic conditions and changes in the industry.

B Sc Aviation is a 3-year undergraduate course. It teaches students about the basics of flying, aircraft operations, and the entire aviation sector.

B.Sc. in Aviation is an undergraduate degree program that focuses on the fundamentals of aviation, including flying operations, aircraft maintenance, airport management, and the aviation industry's regulatory framework.

The duration of the B.Sc. Aviation course is typically 3 years, divided into 6 semesters.

Eligibility criteria usually include a 10+2 or equivalent examination pass with Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics. Some institutions may also require a minimum aggregate score.

Important skills include good communication, analytical thinking, problem-solving, attention to detail, and a strong understanding of physics and mathematics.

The syllabus typically includes subjects like Aerodynamics, Aircraft Systems, Flight Rules and Air Laws, Meteorology, Navigation, Aircraft Maintenance, and Safety Management, among others.

While a B.Sc. in Aviation provides foundational knowledge, becoming a pilot also requires specific pilot training and licenses, such as the CPL (Commercial Pilot License).

Graduates can pursue careers as commercial pilots, flight operations managers, safety officers, aviation planners, ground operations staff, and air traffic controllers, among others.

The fee varies widely among institutions and can range from INR 50,000 to several lakhs per annum, depending on the college or university's reputation and the facilities they offer.

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Yes, some colleges and aviation schools offer scholarshttp://www.amecet.in/aircraft-maintenance-engineering-ame-course-details.phphips based on merit, financial need, or specific criteria like gender or minority status.

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Yes, graduates can pursue higher education such as M.Sc. in Aviation, MBA in Aviation Management, or other postgraduate courses related to aviation or management.

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Some B.Sc. Aviation programs include practical flying hours, but it varies by institution. Students may need to enroll in a flying school to accumulate flying hours for pilot licenses.

B.Sc. Aviation covers a broad range of aviation-related topics, whereas pilot training courses are focused on acquiring flying skills and meeting the requirements for a pilot's license.

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While specific requirements can vary, good physical fitness, vision, and hearing are generally important. Some roles, like pilots, have more stringent medical and fitness standards.

Yes, the aviation industry offers a range of exciting career opportunities, and with the global expansion of air travel, the demand for skilled aviation professionals is expected to grow.

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