The Noida airport plans to start operating in October next year with 62 domestic and 2 international flights. Big airlines like IndiGo and Air India want to use this airport.

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The Noida Airport is set to begin operations next year. The airport will also have one daily flight dedicated to cargo services. The airport's initial phase is scheduled to be commissioned in October 2024. indigo and Air India have shown interest in establishing bases at the airport, and discussions are underway for flights to Dubai and Singapore.

The Noida International Airport is gearing up for its much-anticipated debut, with plans to commence operations featuring a robust lineup of up to 65 daily flights by the close of next year, a TOI report by Aditya Dev started.

Breaking down the flight schedule, Noida International Airport (NIAL), a special purpose vehicle under the purview of the Uttar Pradesh government, have divulged that 62 of these daily services will be dedicated to domestic routes, catering to the burgeoning demand within India. Additionally, two flights will be for foreign destinations, marking Noida International Airport's entry onto the global stage. Furthermore, the airport will also facilitate the movement of cargo, with one daily flight devoted to cargo ser[vice.


Dehradun, Pithoragarh, and various other locales in the preliminary route network.

Thank you for providing more information. It appears that the Noida International Airport is set to debut in October 2024. Here's a summary:

  • Noida International Airport Debut: The Noida International Airport is scheduled to begin its operations in October 2024. This indicates that the airport is currently under construction and is working towards becoming operational.

  • Flight Details: During its initial phase, the airport is planning to have 62 domestic flights and 2 international flights, showcasing its readiness to serve both domestic and international travelers.

  • IATA Code DXN: The airport has been assigned the IATA code DXN, which is a significant step in its development and preparation for air travel operations.

  • Interest from airlines: Major Indian airlines like IndiGo and Air India have expressed their interest in using this airport. This suggests that these airlines are looking to expand their services from the Noida International Airport.

This information highlights the airport's progress and its significance in the aviation sector, with a clear timeline for its debut in 2024. Please keep in mind that this information is based on the details provided and may be subject to change, so it's advisable to refer to reliable sources for the most up-to-date information.

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