First glimpse of Air India aircraft after logo and design makeovers

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Air India has unveiled the first look of its newly painted A350 aircraft, featuring a red-purple-gold color scheme and a new logo called 'The Vista'. The airline worked on the logo for 15 months, with its design inspired by the peak of a gold window frame, symbolizing limitless possibilities. Air India aims to have an entirely new long haul fleet by the end of 2026 and plans to launch a new website, mobile app, loyalty program, and refitted interiors.

Tata Group-owned Air India on Saturday unveiled the first look of its freshly painted A350 aircraft, aligning with its updated livery introduced earlier this year featuring a new red-purple-gold color scheme and the new logo 'The Vista'.

The latest pictures are from Air India’s workshop in Toulouse, France.

Here's the first look of the majestic A350 in our new livery at the paint shop in Toulouse. Our A350s start coming home this winter,” said Air India on social media platform X.Air India in August unveiled its new logo which signifies limitless possibilities. The Tata-owned airline worked on the new logo for as many as 15 months.

"It is inspired by the peak of the gold window frame, signifying limitless possibilities, progressiveness, and the airline’s bold, confident outlook for the future," the company had said in a press release.

The new logo is inspired by the classic and iconic Indian window shape, historically used by Air India, which the airline believes is symbolic to 'Window of Opportunities'.

In recent months, Air India placed an historic order for 470 aircraft and announced massive outlays for refurbishing existing aircraft and IT upgrade.

The airline aims to fly an entirely new long haul fleet by the end of 2026.

There will also be a phased launch of new Air India website, mobile app, loyalty programme and refitted interiors.

career opportunities for students and professionals. Here are some career opportunities that may be influenced by such changes:

1. Aviation Marketing and Brand Management:

The rebranding efforts may create opportunities for marketing and brand management professionals to work on promoting the airline's new image, developing marketing strategies, and managing its online and offline presence.

2. cabin crew and Flight Operations:

With a fresh look, Air India may recruit new cabin crew members and pilots to represent the updated image and provide passengers with a high-quality travel experience.

3. aircraft maintenance and Engineering:

airlines often invest in the maintenance and upgrading of their aircraft when undergoing a makeover. This can create job opportunities for aircraft maintenance technicians and engineers who ensure the safety and airworthiness of the fleet.

4. Ground Operations and airport management:

The changes in branding and design may also affect ground operations and airport management. Students studying airport management or aviation operations may find opportunities in areas such as passenger services, baggage handling, and ground support.

5. Marketing and Communication Roles:

Companies often hire professionals in marketing, public relations, and communication to promote their new brand identity. Students with degrees in marketing, advertising, or communications may find opportunities to work with Air India or its marketing agencies.

6. Graphic Design and Creative Roles:

Airlines often collaborate with graphic designers and creative professionals to design logos, aircraft liveries, and marketing materials. Students with design and creative skills may find opportunities to contribute to the visual aspects of the airline's rebranding.

7. Customer Service and Hospitality:

Air India's rebranding may emphasize a focus on customer service and passenger experience. This can create job openings for individuals interested in customer service and hospitality roles within the aviation sector.

8. Data Analysis and Technology:

Airlines rely on data analysis and technology for various purposes, including route planning, customer service improvement, and operational efficiency. Students with skills in data science, analytics, and technology may find opportunities to work on aviation-related projects.

9. Supply Chain and Logistics:

Efficient supply chain and logistics management are critical for an airline's success. Students with backgrounds in supply chain management and logistics may find career opportunities in the aviation industry, especially if Air India expands or updates its operations.

As Air India undergoes changes in its branding and design, it's important for students to keep an eye on job openings and career opportunities that align with their skills, interests, and educational backgrounds. Networking within the aviation industry and staying updated on industry news and trends can also be beneficial when seeking job opportunities in this dynamic field.


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