Russian Airlines pass the Order of 18 18 MC-21 and 34 SJ-100 Aircraft From Rostec

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Aeroflot Group, which includes both Aeroflot and Rossiya Airlines, is growing its aircraft collection by renting 18 Irkut MC-21 and 34 Sukhoi Superjet (SSJ) 100 narrowbody planes. This leasing deal was finalized on September 11, 2023, during Russia's Eastern Economic Forum, and it was made possible through Aviacapital-Service, a subsidiary of the prominent Russian aviation company, Rostec.

In the deal, Aeroflot will be leasing six MC-21-310 aircraft, while Rossiya Airlines is poised for substantial growth, adding 12 MC-21-310 planes and 34 SSJ100 airliners to its fleet. These new aircraft are scheduled for delivery in 2025. Aeroflot believes that this acquisition will provide the necessary resources to implement their revised strategies and continue their path of expansion. Regarding this acquisition, Aeroflot's CEO, Sergei Alexandrovsky, commented:

"The agreement with the lessor of the MC-21 and SJ-100 aircraft, Aviacapital-Service, is a logical continuation of the partnership with the Rostec State Corporation and the United Aircraft Corporation."

These aircraft will be equipped with domestically manufactured systems and components, which means that Russian-made parts, including engines, will be used instead of those sourced from countries considered 'unfriendly.'

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