Kuwait Airways is preparing to enter into a lease agreement for a duration of 10 years to acquire 8 Airbus A321 aircraft.

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Due to delays in the delivery of its existing orders, Kuwait Airways has opted to lease 8 airbus A321neo aircraft. Over the course of a decade, Kuwait Airways intends to secure a lease agreement for eight Airbus narrowbody aircraft. The airline's decision to lease is a response to concerns and reports regarding possible delivery delays from Airbus, which pose a risk to its growth objectives

A little while back, Simple Flying mentioned that the Kuwaiti flag airline was thinking about renting planes for 12 years. But now, there's a fresh update: Kuwait Airways' boss, Ali Aldokhan, said in a press meeting that the airline will rent 8 Airbus A321neo airplanes for the next 10 years. The airline is growing quickly and doesn't have enough planes right now. These new rented planes will be a big help, stopping any delays in its plans while it sorts out a new timetable with Airbus

Kuwait Airways currently has a total of 35 active aircraft, according to fleet data from ch-aviation. In 2022, the carrier finalized an order for 31 Airbus jets worth over $3 billion and set to be delivered by 2028. Although a total of 18 aircraft have been delivered, the rest of the order is facing delays from Airbus. The delay is expected to be 12 months. The outstanding order with Airbus consists of 1 A320neo, 6 A321neos, 3 A321XLRs, 7 A330neos and 2 A350-900s.

Fast Growth 

Kuwait Airways is getting bigger little by little and has some really big plans for the future. They want to have 50 planes by the year 2030, but this goal might be in trouble because of delays. The government of Kuwait is using the airline to bring more tourists to the country, and they're making more flight routes to help with that. Right now, the airline is not making enough money and actually lost $178 million in 2022. But they're hoping to start making good money again by the year 2025

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