Indigo will soon have at least three new flights to London — Check which cities they fly from

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Indigo and British Airways sign codeshare agreement, adding three new routes between India and UK. The newly added routes will connect Thiruvananthapuram, Rajkot and Vadodara to London Heathrow. The additional routes will be functional from October 12th.

India's largest airline in terms of market share and fleet size Indigo and British Carrier British Airways have expanded their codeshare agreement. British Airways has now added three additional routes to their existing network. The newly added routes are Thiruvananthapuram to London Heathrow via Mumbai, Rajkot to London Heathrow via Mumbai and Vadodara to London Heathrow via Mumbai.

Passengers will now be able to use the enhanced connectivity from October 12th.

Abhijit Dasgupta, Senior VP – Network Planning and Revenue Management, IndiGo, said, “This partnership expands the choices available to British Airways customers for journey to or from London Heathrow, using IndiGo’s network in India."

career opportunities for students in the aviation industry related to such international routes:

  1. pilots: The launch of new international routes often means a need for more pilots. If you aspire to become a pilot, this can be an excellent opportunity to pursue a career in aviation. You would need to undergo extensive flight training and obtain the necessary licenses and certifications.

  2. cabin crew: International routes typically require a larger cabin crew workforce. Working as a flight attendant for an airline like IndiGo can be a rewarding career. You'll need to attend cabin crew training programs to become qualified.

  3. ground staff: airlines also require ground staff at airports to handle various tasks such as check-in, baggage handling, customer service, and more. This is an entry-level position that can lead to various career paths within the aviation industry.

  4. aircraft maintenance engineers: With more flights, there is a higher demand for aircraft maintenance personnel. Pursuing a degree or certification in aircraft maintenance engineering can lead to opportunities in this field.

  5. Air Traffic Controllers: The launch of new routes can increase air traffic, which, in turn, requires more air traffic controllers to ensure safe and efficient operations at airports. Becoming an air traffic controller often requires specialized training and education.

  6. airport management and Operations: Airports need managers and operations staff to oversee the efficient functioning of their facilities. Pursuing a degree in airport management or a related field can open up opportunities in this area.

  7. Hospitality and Tourism: The launch of international flights can boost tourism in the cities served by these flights. Students interested in the hospitality and tourism industry can explore opportunities in hotels, travel agencies, and related sectors.

  8. International Relations and Foreign Languages: Given the international nature of aviation, having proficiency in foreign languages and a background in international relations can be valuable, especially if you're interested in roles related to diplomacy, international marketing, or cross-cultural communication.

 The specific career opportunities and requirements may vary based on the routes and destinations served by IndiGo. I recommend visiting IndiGo's official website or checking with their human resources department for the most up-to-date information on career opportunities related to their new flights to London and other international destinations.


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