Indian Aviation Enters Golden Period With New Airports, Hundreds of Planes On Order

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New Delhi [India], April 4 (ANI): With new airports being inaugurated at a fast pace and airlines placing orders for planes in hundreds, India is set to be a global aviation hub. The Indian aviation industry, together with reliable industry players, is set to grow in both size and repute.

The air passenger volume of a country can be seen as an unofficial marker of the health of its economy and a reflection of its citizens’ purchasing power. More travellers can indicate a stronger economy.Thanks to India’s strong economic foundation and policies, her aviation story, which began slowly, has now taken off and is flying at the highest altitude.

In a historic deal, Tata Sons-led Air India placed a massive order of 470 boeing and airbus aircraft last month to meet the sudden surge in the aviation demand of the country. 

The deal, worth around USD 100 billion, comprises the purchase of a wide range of aircrafts that will cater to the needs of passengers across the economic ladder and of travelers around the world.These deals with Boeing and Airspace were two of the biggest civil aviation deals the world has witnessed to date.

indigo, the biggest domestic air carrier, which flies nearly 1,800 flights a day, is also set to expand its fleet size. 

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