Air India announces non-stop flights between Kolkata and Bangkok from October 23

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Air India will launch a non-stop flight between Kolkata and Bangkok from October 23. The flight will operate six days a week and will have a two-class configuration of Economy and Business Class. Passengers will also have access to convenient connections to 10 destinations in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia through an interline partnership with Bangkok Airways.

AI322 will depart from Kolkata at 10:00 pm to reach Bangkok at 2:05 am, the next day. The return flight AI321 will take off from Bangkok at 3:05 am to land in Kolkata at 4:10 am.

Bookings for the flights have already opened on all channels, including Air India’s website, mobile app, and through travel agents (including online travel agents).
The flight, operated with a narrowbody airbus family aircraft, will have a two-class configuration of Economy and Business Class and operate six days a week from Monday to Saturday.

This direct flight to Bangkok will enable passengers to take convenient connections via Bangkok to and from 10 destinations in Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia on the network of Bangkok Airways, with whom Air India partnered with for an interline partnership..Air India currently operates a total of 14 flights to Bangkok per week with daily non-stop flights from Delhi and Mumbai connecting the destination.

"Building a more robust network is a key element of Air India’s transformation journey and the new launch is in line with the airline’s commitment to expand connectivity and enhance frequency on its domestic and international sectors as it keeps augmenting the fleet with new aircraft," said the airline in a press release.

Air India's announcement of non-stop flights between Kolkata and Bangkok can create various career opportunities for students and professionals in the aviation and tourism sectors. Here are some potential career opportunities that may arise:

  1. cabin crew: airlines like Air India often hire cabin crew members for their flights. Students interested in this field can consider pursuing training and certifications related to cabin crew responsibilities.

  2. pilots: As flight routes expand, there may be a demand for more pilots. Aspiring pilots can enroll in flight training programs and work towards obtaining the necessary licenses and certifications.

  3. ground staff: airports and airlines require ground staff to handle various tasks, including check-in, baggage handling, and customer service. These roles can be suitable for students looking for entry-level positions in the aviation industry.

  4. airport management: Students interested in airport operations and management can explore career opportunities in roles such as airport managers, operations supervisors, and airport planners.

  5. Travel and Tourism: With increased connectivity to international destinations, there may be greater demand for travel agents, tour operators, and professionals in the travel and tourism industry who specialize in arranging trips to Bangkok and other destinations.

  6. aerospace engineering: The expansion of routes may also lead to a demand for aerospace engineers who can work on aircraft maintenance, design, and development.

  7. Hospitality Industry: The influx of travelers to Kolkata and Bangkok may boost the hospitality sector, creating jobs in hotels, restaurants, and related services. Students interested in hospitality management can explore opportunities in these areas.

  8. Marketing and Sales: Airlines often require marketing and sales professionals to promote their services. Students with marketing or business backgrounds can consider careers in airline marketing and sales departments.

  9. Customer Service: The increase in flights can lead to a higher demand for customer service professionals who can assist passengers with inquiries, bookings, and issue resolution.

  10. Aviation Training: As the aviation industry grows, there may be opportunities for individuals or institutions to offer aviation-related training and education programs.

To pursue these career opportunities, students should focus on acquiring relevant skills, certifications, and qualifications. Additionally, staying informed about industry developments and networking with professionals in the field can enhance job prospects. Keep an eye on Air India's job postings and those of related companies for specific job openings as they become available.

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