7 High Paying Careers Where English is Not Necessary

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Aircraft Maintenance Engineer

The Aircraft Maintenance Engineering (AME) course is a program designed to train individuals to become certified aircraft maintenance engineers.

Aerospace Engineer

Aerospace Engineering is the branch of engineering that deals with the design, development, and testing of aircraft, spacecraft, and missiles.

Aeronautical Engineer

Aeronautical Engineering is the study that involves researching, designing, developing, constructing, maintenance of the aircrafts and spacecrafts within Earth's atmosphere.

BBA in Aviation

BBA Aviation is related to the basics of business communication, operations, economics, security, etc. The course covers all important aspects like airports, business, and airlines.

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BBA in Airport Management

The BBA in Airport Management course is an undergraduate program that deals with the easy and proper operation of movement on the airport in the world.

Airport Ground Staff

It is a certification course related to the safety and comfort of passengers in the airport including checking, providing information, assisting disabled passengers, and selling tickets.

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