Northeast Indias Skies Set to Soar Jettwings Airways Nears Inaugural Flight in October

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JettWings Airways, the first-ever airline from Northeast India, received a No Objection Certificate (NOC) from the civil aviation ministry on Wednesday. The civil aviation ministry on Wednesday provided a no objection certificate (NOC) allows the regional airline to operate scheduled commuter air transport services in India under the government's regional connectivity scheme, UDAN. Once approved, JettWings Airways will make history as the first airline to operate from India's Northeast region.

Headquartered in Assam, JettWings Airways is currently finalizing its aircraft selection, with plans to complete the process by the end of this year. The airline revealed its intention to commence operations in October, initially starting with just two aircraft.

JettWings Airways has set a target to connect the entire country with the Northeast region by offering affordable airfare. The company also has aspirations to expand its services internationally in the future. To fund the initial project, the airline has allocated Rs 100 crore.

Chairman of JettWings Airways, Sanjive Narain, highlighted the government's efforts to improve regional connectivity through the UDAN Scheme. He emphasized that enhancing connectivity in the Northeast region would boost trade, stimulate economic growth, and foster tourism.

"We see the UDAN Scheme as a unique opportunity to make a significant impact on the Northeast region by improving connectivity and creating new economic opportunities," Narain stated.

JettWings Airways aims to become a transformative force in India's aviation sector, enabling better access to the Northeast region and facilitating economic growth and prosperity through improved air travel connectivity.

The approval and commencement of JettWings Airways' operations can have several opportunies for student students:

  1. The launch of a new airline opens up diverse job opportunities for students pursuing careers in the aviation industry.
  2. JettWings Airways' plans to expand internationally will create opportunities for students to work in various international destinations, broadening their career prospects.
  3. Improved regional connectivity through JettWings Airways' operations will facilitate easier access to the Northeast region, leading to potential internships, job placements, and learning opportunities for students in the area.


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