India May Need 150 More Widebodies to Expand its Aviation Industry

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India's Aviation industry is growing rapidly , and to keep India's aviation industry growing , experts suggest that the country might need around 130 to 150 widebody aircraft. In a recent interview with PTI News, Vikram Rai, the CEO of GE Aerospace South Asia , explained that as Indian airlines keep growing, they might also use more of these big planes on popular domestic routes. 

Witnessing immense potential !

India stands as the world's third-largest civil aviation market, after the United States and China, boasting more than 650 commercial planes currently in operation. Among this fleet, only more than 55 are widebody aircraft.The Lion's share of these widebody planes belongs to India's national carrier, Air India, with a total of 49 widebody aircraft, including 27 boeing 787-8 Dreamliners and 22 Boeing 777 jets. In addtion to Air India's widebody aircraft, specially two wet-leased 777s, is indigo.

Vikram Rai, from GE Aerospace, highlighted India's immense potential, stating that "India holds a central and high-priority position in GE Aerospace's market of widebody aircraft as a mutually beneficial growth strategy for both the company and India , Presenting a "win-win scenario".

Indeed, Indian airlines are on a path of significant growth trajectory. In early 2023, Air India placed a historic order of 470 aircraft split between airbus and Boeing. It was not just Air India making a move this year. The low-cost carrier IndiGo also placed a mammoth order for 500 Airbus A320 family jets. Indigo has been a significant customer for Airbus over the years. In fact, the airline currently has around 970 of these outstanding orders in its queue. 


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