India is getting ready to send a special mission to learn about the sun. This mission will start in September

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After successfully landing on the moon last week, India is now preparing to launch its first mission to study the sun. This mission will help scientists understand solar winds, which can sometimes create problems on Earth. 

The craft, named after the Hindi word for the sun, will be launched from the country’s main spaceport in Sriharikota using the PSLV launch vehicle, which will travel about 1.5 million km (932,000 miles), the agency said.

It will take the Aditya-L1 about four months to travel to its observation point, the Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) said in a post on X, formerly Twitter.

The spacecraft will be fired into a halo orbit in a region of space that will give the craft a continuous clear view of the sun. “This will provide a greater advantage of observing the solar activities and its effect on space weather in real time,” ISRO said.

The space vehicle will have seven tools onboard to watch the sun's outer layers called the photosphere and chromosphere. These tools include detectors for things like electromagnetic signals and particles. NASA and the European Space Agency have previously placed probes into orbit to study the sun, but this would be the first such mission for India.

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